Thursday, January 29, 2004

Am I perfect? Are you?

What is perfection, but an image we have made that there is a right way to be?
My image of perfection is to be happy, and to be happy I am free and unlimited.
Your image may be to be happy requires making others happy or following a certain path.
My image of abundant and successful living is to live purposefully, confidently and faithfully.
Your image of perfection may be to be successful at work and home.
What is being successful at home and work for you?
My image of perfection is to learn from life, to fully enjoy life’s experiences, without judging them.
Your image of perfection may be to only have “good” experiences.
My idea of perfection is to make “mistakes” and see them as opportunities to see things differently.
Your idea of perfection may be to try not to make mistakes and to try to do things perfectly.
My belief about perfection is that given to Spirit, everything is in my own best interests, ie Spirit uses it all for Good.
Your belief about perfection may be that God wants us to only do things a certain way. When we do things wrong we need to repent or make compensation.

I see us as naming ourselves as “human” to give ourselves permission to make mistakes.
What if it is Divine to make mistakes to be perfectly imperfect.
What if everything is on purpose when viewed with no judgment.
What if we really are unlimited in power, in peace, in choice, in non judgment.
What if this is an experiential Exploratorium in which we learn the most by being free.
What if we are so loved that we are totally and absolutely free.
What if it is only with our own self judgment that we get stuck repeating what we judge.
What if when we fully embrace our experience that we are totally free to choose again.

Interesting look at perfection.

Perfectly loving you and loving me,
Betty Lue

Smile….there may be no such thing as perfection as we usually define it…or maybe it all is perfect.