Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Abundant Living

The richness of life is found in fulfillment and inner peace.
No amount of money can create that deep and abiding inner contentment.

Even the poorest beggar can live abundantly.
The financially rich are often distracted from the real and lasting peace that comes from living life purposefully, gratefully and faithfully.

What do you live for?
What is your Highest Purpose in being alive everyday in everyway?

Who do you live with?
What are the thoughts and feelings you have, the activities you enjoy and the gifts you share?

What is your faith?
What are the beliefs that guide your life journey?
Are you certain, confident and without doubt and fear?

When you live with purpose, confidence and faith, life is fulfilling and content.
Life is abundant.

Living and Loving Abundantly,
Betty Lue