Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Light, Light and More Light

The most valuable tool I know for clearing out the old, useless, negative clutter in our minds and in our homes and in our lives is more light. Lots more light on the subject shows us what is valuable and what is valueless. Once we see, really see what is, we can easily and joyfully release what is no longer valuable. Whatever we keep in our minds or our lives takes energy. If it gives us back equal or more positive energy it may be worth keeping. If it simply drains energy, it probably is worth releasing. Turn up the lights in your home and you see the dirt, dust and clutter. Turn up the light in your mind and you see the limiting beliefs and negative programming, the fear and judgment, the resentment and disappointment.

Letting go is far, more simple, effective and easy when you can see what you are releasing.
Be appreciative of yourself for your willingness to do the work.
You will more easily release with every breath.

Shine a light on the subject and you see more.
Fear causes ignorance and fixed opinions. Fear is darkness.
Turn up the light and you will behold with eyes of gratitude and love.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

With more light, we see the beauty of the pink—multiple shads and gradations of color
Warm, living in the heart of God.

Remember to keep the “holidays” Holy and sacred.
Listen inside for your true gifts in this season of “more light”.