Sunday, November 16, 2003

Lack of Peace Calls for Change

I have noticed that being upset, agitated and unpeaceful is a signal that a change is coming.

Like weather which offers storms causing fear and resistance, so emotional weather has storms which we fear, judge and resist. What if internal weather turbulence is merely a signal that change is being called forth.
When we resist the changes, the turbulence may increase.

When someone is passive and compliant, there may be a need to free oneself from the unconscious position of letting it all go.
There may be an unsettling call to set oneself free to express, to forgive, to make a new choice, to speak up or change one’s mind. What worked for years may no longer work.
What was OK may no longer be OK.
What others accept may not fit with our principles, values and beliefs.

When we are upset, it is appropriate to stop and ask ourselves what is really going on.
Where are we off purpose or compromising our beliefs or values?
Watching TV while eating dinner may be OK for a period of time until we see our family no longer communicates.
Going along with our friends choice of movies may work until we have nightmares about the last one they chose.
Driving faster than the speed limit may be fun, until we see a bad accident.
Keeping our mouth shut while observing a parent disciplining a child may be tolerable, until we see some hitting or abuse.
Eating whatever we feel like eating may be great, until we cannot fit into our new suit.

When I have an inner agitation, I know that a change is coming.
It may be a change of mind, a change of attitude, a change of schedule or lifestyle, a change of association or activities.
I look forward to the change, as I release what was, without guilt or blame.

Where is it time for change in your life?

Loving you,
Betty Lue