Monday, November 17, 2003

It is All Small Stuff

Life is a relative experience and an experiment in relativity.
If all you have is small stuff, some of it may seem to be huge.
If all we have is big stuff, some of it may seem small.
“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and it is all small stuff” is a popular quote from Richard Carlson’s book.

My life is full of stuff- selling our home in the Valley of the Moon, my younger daughter getting married in April, buying and renewing a condo in Walnut Creek near Robert’s Mom where we will live as of Dec. 11, caring for Gia weekdays from 5AM until school time leasing my own office space, beginning a holistic partnership with a nutritionist and body worker, plus others who may join us for success mentoring , planning a full 2004 schedule of counseling, classes and travel for teaching, encouraging Robert in finding a retirement lifestyle that promotes peace of mind, physical healing and creative spirit, honoring the call of the world around me while taking impeccable care of my essential Self. There is always responding to phone calls, home visits, emails, taking and offering workshops, mentoring other health-care professionals, travelling to teach and love and serve, sending prayers of gratitude to the beauty in nature, healing my perceptions of a world in crisis and transformation, and being right here with You.

I ask for your help, your conscious joining in whatever ways you are guided.
As you extend your positive respect and affirmation to me, you receive it for yourself.
What you give to me, you will expand in your own affairs .
My constant support is that of Spirit, the voice within by which I am directed, inspired and loved without ceasing.
It is with this spiritual support that I know I am not alone.
It is with this inner support that I know it is all the same.
It is by observing, experimenting and following the course of my life that I know there is no order in miracles.
It is by your thoughts, words and deeds that I know the activity of spirit on this Earth.
You are the physical presence of God’s Love for me and for those many others you support.
Love provides. Love heals. Love shares. Love remembers. Love listens. Love gives. Love serves. Love is grateful.
Love calls me to be present, aware, trusting and responding with the Highest and Best I know.
I am . … Conscious, Responsible and Free.

We are in relationship, you and I, to support, encourage, model, demonstrate, teach, learn, heal, give, receive and be together to earn our graduation.
What you share you increase.
What you give you receive.
What you pay attention to, you grow in your consciousness and your life.
I give the best I have in each situation to everyone.
I allow my inner voice to guide me on paths I cannot know or understand.
I trust I am guided, supported and well-provided.

Letting go of trying to understand, control, or figure it all out,
Betty Lue