Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Travel Schedule October 9-20

You can find my Daily Loving Reminders while I am  travelling by accessing web site:

My new book Relationship Reminders is available for $15 which includes tax and postage.
Send check to:
Reunion Ministries (founded in 1977) Non-profit and tax exempt. 501.C3
7261 Oakmont Drive   Santa Rosa, CA 95409   Phone #800-919-2392 Or leave your name,  phone, address, and credit carrl on my #800-919-2392 voicemail.  Will mail when I return on October 21.

If you wish to consult or connect with me while I am travelling, do not hesitate to call.  I will always return your  calls when I am available.  Loving you and all in the journey of life.  Betty Lue

Itinerary for Betty Lue and Robert October 9-20

October 9  Leave SFO at 6:35AM Arrive Kalamazoo at 4:35PM Delta #5708
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Thursday , 10/9     7-9PM at 3331 Greenleaf Blvd.
      Self-Love: Impeccable Self Care and Integrity
Friday 10/10         Personal Consultations (8-5PM)
       Gathering of all Reunion Ministers   (6-9PM)
Saturday 10/11     3333 Greenleaf Blvd. 9AM –4:30 PM
       Empowerment:  Respect and Confidence, Kindness and Assertiveness  (9-12noon)
       Celebrating Our Differences : Dealing with Difficult People    (1:30-4:30
      Reunion Potluck  and Fellowship Saturday eve. 5-8PM  at Willow Lakes Clubhouse
       Everyone is invited for song, sharing  stories and Loving Reminders
Sunday 10/12        
       Celebration of Spirit (singing, sharing, and silence)  (9:30-noon)
       Living a Spiritual Life in an Uninspired World  ( 2-4PM)

Dyer, Indiana, from 6:00-8:00PM

Empowerment: Respect and Confidence, Kindness and Assertiveness
Held 2013 Sunnyside, Dyer, IN #219-865-8687

“Your contributions are gratefully received for all programs.”
Monday 10/13    Consultations, informal gatherings and personal meetings and dinner.
Call for appointments with Dr. Robert and/or Dr. Betty Lue. #800-919-2392
All programs are open to the public, except Friday evening. Please invite others.
Leave Kalamazoo Tuesday 10/14 at 6:00AM Arrive Ashville at 10:08AM Delta #5111
Current schedule for Asheville and Lincolnton, NC   October 16-19

October 16  Changing Your Mind Changes Your Life: Clear Doubt and Fear
Held at the new Curves  in Lincolnton, NC                        7-9PM Thursday eve.
October 17   Empowerment: Confidence, Respect and Assertiveness
Asheville , NC  at 11 Hyannis Dr. #3J             7-9PM Friday eve.
October 18   Dealing with Difficult and Different People
Asheville (same address)                                     10-12 AM Sat.  Potluck lunch follows
October 18    Forgiveness: Transforming Judgment Into Acceptance
Same address in Asheville                                   2-4PM Saturday
October 19    Spiritual Living: Attunement and Listening Within
Same place                                                          1-3 PM Sunday

Asheville Programs at 11 Hyannis Dr. #3J  
My cell phone # is 707-321-0604.
Register by leaving your name, phone # and programs attending on my #800-919-2392.
Call for personal consultations with Dr. Robert and/or Dr. Betty Lue.
Looking forward to seeing you all with Love!  
Betty Lue