Saturday, September 27, 2003

Denial is Healing

It is our thoughts of darkness that keep us in the dark.  It is our thoughts of lack that keep us feeling lacking.  It is our thoughts of disease, disaster and distrust that continue our feelings of unpeace, impending doom and anxiety about the future.  Wherever we look, we will find.  Wherever we focus, we will attract.  Wherever we attend, we will strengthen.  
And when our focus, our looking and attention are split, we experience a split result.  

“Denial is a powerful protective device.  
We can and should deny error can harm us.” (From a Course in Miracles.)

Deny the faulty thinking.  
Deny the limiting beliefs.  
Deny you are alone.  
Deny there is not enough.
Deny you are unable to correct all errors of the mind.  
Deny you cannot be happy.  
Deny whatever hurts you and seems to make you unhappy, afraid and discontent.

I am One with God.  
I am whole and complete.  
I am at peace.  
I am alone in nothing.  
I am happy and free.  
I am in a body which serves me perfectly.  
I always have enough for my right use.
I love as God loves, unconditionally and with joy.  
I share what I have  and receive abundantly what I need.  
I contribute to the Good I believe in.  
I have what I want and appreciate what I have.  
I am created in Love by Love for the purpose of Loving.  This is enough.  This is my gift to my Self and my world.

Every word I write is a gift of Love to you, to me and to God, Betty Lue

As I sit and listen to Spirit, I receive these messages for Me and for You.
If they have value for you, please accept them with my Love.
If they have no value for you, gently lay them aside.
Spend no energy on trying to understand or making them wrong.
Simply delete, forgive and let go.

Life is meant to flow easily and gently.
Each one of us receiving exactly what we need, when we need it.
Trust that the Good you seek is there before you.
Open your heart and mind and receive from the Source,
The Creator loves you always and all ways.
And so do I.
Betty Lue