Sunday, August 24, 2003

Home is Healing

Wherever we are at home, we feel safe and at peace.
Whenever we feel no fear, we can relax and trust ”All is Well.” Peace is healing.

I create my home to be a safe haven and sacred place for myself and those who enter in. I invite guests to remove their shoes (both practical and a spiritual sign of leaving outside the ‘dirt’ of our worldly travels). I play healing and inspiring music. I keep the sounds in the house natural with windows open, so the sound of birds and wind are heard. We have no destructive sounds or sights at home, no arguing, rarely news media except to bless, no unhealthy movies or TV shows, and everyday conversation is at a minimum. Usually we share about simple life choices (food and schedule) or our expressions of gratitude and joy. Both Robert and I share a life guided by the Spirit of Goodness, Love and Wholeness, so our focus is on creating more healing for ourselves and others. Our ‘stuff’ is either functional (serves a purpose for ourselves and our guests) or is beautiful and inspiring (holds the energy of goodness and beauty and reminds us of the Love and Light within.) We maintain our living space with order and harmony. Cleaning is a sacred rite, not a chore. It is a joy to maintain the beauty and peace in which we live. Our joy shines back on us giving us joy and peace of mind in return.

When I travel, I make myself ‘at home’ immediately. I create my living space to be my own by moving furniture (if needed), setting out my sacred reminders (an altar), playing music or singing sacred songs or chants, clearing the space with a candle or my own inner light, appreciation and joy. Sometimes I clean the space, dusting, even vacuuming and washing the sheets and towels, so I can give everything my own energy of gratitude. I make friends with those who serve me….waiters, bell captain, desk clerks, and everyone who offers help. I visit the local grocery store for water and health food. I get a map and get oriented with the town and locate exactly where I want to go. I create a sense of having always lived there. I make the place my own by following local customs and learning the language. Sometimes I look at condos or homes and consider living there permanently. There is a quality of being at home, wherever I am, that is healing and brings peace to me within a few hours of being there. If I have a car available, I like to drive around and enjoy what I see.

Appreciation is a key to being at home and feeling the Healing Presence. Wherever I cannot appreciate, I forgive by changing my mind or I transform my experience. Wherever there is criticism or negative thoughts or words being expressed, that negativity is mirrored back. What I judge, I fear. What I appreciate, I bless.

Home is enjoying where you are.
Home is appreciating what you have.
Home is knowing you are safe and loved.
Make yourself at home and you will be healed.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
If you need to contact me while I am gone, call my pager/voicemail 800-919-2392.