Friday, January 15, 2021

Be Responsible!


I am responsible for everything I experience.

I take impeccable care of myself so I can always respond with Love.

I forgive everything that interferes with being whole, happy and free.

Love is my natural state, so my thoughts, words and deeds teach only Love. 

Being Responsible Is Your Real Work!

Being responsible means the ability to respond.

When you are willing to be fully able to respond, you respond in a respectful ways.

When you are open to being able to respond, you respond with loving kindness.

When you are grateful to be able to respond, you respond with wisdom and consciousness.

Do you respond to others with kindness?

Are you responsive to the requests of your family?

Do you easily respond with respect to your children?

Are you able to respond rather than react without feeling resentment?

Did you know your real work is to be able to respond with love and respect?

Did you know that your real purpose is to be responsible for your own happiness?

Did you know that you have the job of responding first to your self? 

Do you understand that your primary responsibility is to be happy?

When you are happy, you are able to respond consciously to others. 

When you are on purpose, you are willing to be responsive.

When you are responsible, you easily contribute your best.

When you are doing your real work, everyone is blessed.

To be responsible for your words and behavior is essential to teach others.

To be aware of how your thoughts impact others is necessary to be responsible.

To choose wisely how to benefit yourself and others is being responsible.

To give attention and intention to your thoughts, words and deeds is being responsible.

When you interact with those who are irresponsible, make responsible choices.

When you want to teach responsibility to your children, be responsible.

Demonstrate being responsible by not complaining or criticizing.

Be willing to change your thoughts, words and interactions to show you are response-able.

When you are teaching responsibility, be responsible for everything.

BE responsible for your thoughts and how you express them.

BE responsible for your feelings and how you share them.

BE responsible for your behavior and how you interact.

BE responsible for your relationships and you respect others.

BE responsible for your home and how you keep it clean and orderly.

BE responsible for your finances and how you spend your money.

BE responsible for your health and how you care for your whole self.

BE responsible for your work and how you use it for the good of all.

BE responsible for your inspiration and how you contribute to what inspires.

Your world learns from you to be responsible or irresponsible.

Others copy your behavior to learn to be responsive with love or reactive with fear.

You impact your self and others by making love-based or fear-based choices.

Your respect and responsibility teaches your thoughts, words and deeds.

Thank you for being respectful and responsible for your life.

Betty Lue

Thursday, January 14, 2021



I do as I feel guided to do.

I live each day true to my calling.

I support myself by focusing on Love.

I trust in the choices I make.

Be True to You!

When you know who you are, you will love yourself.

When you live what you know, you will respect yourself.

When you do as you are guided, you will trust yourself.

When you love, trust and respect yourself, you will be whole and happy and free.

This is the secret to a good life.

This is how life is fun, safe and easy.

This is how you can be content and at peace.

This is the way home to your True and Authentic Self.

Love, trust and respect yourself.

There is no magic.

There is the willingness to learn.

There is the need for work, consistency and persistence.

Life begins when you choose to begin really living.

Life begins when you are willing to listen within.

Life begins when you live with the values you know.

Life begins when you clear the fear and resistance.

Stop malingering and get busy.

Stop neglecting your work and start now.

Stop blaming and shaming yourself and others.

Start by forgiving the past and begin right now.

Live today the way you say you want to live.

Give right now the best you have and even better.

Be today who you wish you could be.

Trust today that life is the gift you give to yourself.

Only You can deny yourself anything.

Only you can stop withholding Love from you.

Only you can doubt you can do what you set out to do.

Only You can change your mind and undo the lethargy and fear.

Clear the way and choose again.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and just get up and do it.

Stop making excuses and do what you know is yours to do.

Be the beautiful, good and inspired being you are called to be.

You can do this!

One hour at a time.

One day at a time.

This is your day, your month and your year.

I believe in YOU!

Betty Lue

I am here to serve.

I will always have time for you.

What do you want? 

What do you need?

If you need me to listen or counsel, guide or coach, I am here.

If you need support for healthy ways of caring for others, I am here.

If you need  kind words or loving reminders, I am here.

If you need to remember how Good You Are, I am here.

You are important.

You matter to me.

You make a difference.

You deserve the best.


Contact me via email, text or voice mail.

I will respond.

I care.

I am here.

Loving us all,

Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Step Away!

Love Your Self.

Soothe Your Self.

Care For Your Self.


I no longer need approval from others. I now approve of myself.

I am highly pleasing to myself in the presence of others.

I trust and respect myself, therefore I treat others with trust and respect.

I behave as a responsible and respectful adult with self control and self discipline.

Stop…. Breathe….. Step Away.

When there is a problem or upset, what works?

When you react with anger, what can you do?

When you make things worse, what is a better strategy?

When you feel out of control, what is effective?

When you feel the problem coming on, stop yourself.

Take a few deep breaths to pause and clear your thoughts.

Step away enough to see the problem without emotion.

When you are able to be neutral, factual and adult, you return.

Our work as adults is to be informed.

Our work is to be able to see and think and speak clearly.

Our work is to be a safe place to understand  and respond with respect.

Our work is to know better and do better.

What is your goal in all situations?

Is your goal to be successful or right?

Is your goal to help or to hinder?

Is your goal to respect or to bully?

If you have learned to use power, you will use threats.

If you have learned manipulation, you will use guilt.

If you have learned to be “nice”, you will use bribes.

If you have learned to be resourceful, you will be tricky. 

Whether dealing with a stranger or family member, you must know your desired outcome.

Without a clear goal, we are tempted to just flounder around trying to get our way.

Without a clear end in mind, you may allow the other to lead the dance.

Without a vision of respect, responsibility and cooperation, you may create more mess.

Childish behavior escalates the problem.

Childish behavior fuels the emotional upset.

Childish behavior uses whatever tactics seem to get attention.

Childish behavior often brings out the worst in the other.

The adult clears themselves before them engage in resolving the issue.

The adult stops their emotional reactions.

The adult takes a pause to clear negative thoughts and harmful emotions.

The adult steps away for the situation to get a new perspective and optimum response.

To be adult is to be wise and open-minded.

To be adult is to be respectful and responsible.

To be adult is to be willing and able.

To be adult is to listen with patience and acceptance.

To be adult is to be safe and non-judging.

To be adult is to want the optimum win/win solution.

To be adult is to care enough to share your desire for what is fair.

Adult Behavior:

Stop emotional reactions.  (Don’t say something hurtful to you or the other.)

Breathe to clear your mind.  (Pause for a few seconds/minutes.  Take a time out!)

Step away to see clearly. (Find a new perspective and goal for win/win solution.)

Listen for your real needs.  ( Listen without judgment or prejudice to what is needed.) 

Set a goal for win/win solution. ( Choose to be a safe place for peaceful resolution.)

Learn to appreciate yourself. (Appreciate every learning and successful experience.)

Trusting you to find a Better Way!

Betty Lue

Self-Soothing Suggestions

1. Practice breathing slow and deep into your abdomen Inhale 2, 3, 4 and exhale 2, 3, 4.

    This relaxes your body and quiets your mind.

2. Imagine something good in your future or positive time you are looking forward to.

    This encourages your mind to seek what feels good to you.

3. Send appreciation, love and blessings to others. Share in writing, in person, in prayer.

     What you give to others will inspire you to feel good about yourself.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Basic Needs

Honor Your Self.

Do What Is Good.

Bring Peace Us All


I respect my needs and the needs of others.

I love, trust and respect myself.

The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more I love trust and respect others.

The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect me.

What Do You Need?

What do our children need?

What do our families need?

What do our partners need?

What does our world need?

When we are giving ourselves what we need, we will be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Life can be simply fun, safe and easy when we honor our own needs and the needs of others.

What we “need” is totally different from our “wants”.

People are often taking care of what they want, but neglecting their basic needs.

It is time we return to basics.

It is time to learn to begin at the beginning.

It is time to listen to what is important.

It is time to honor ourselves and others.

Needs are not pleasures.

Needs are not whims.

Needs are not temporary happiness.

Needs are basic and primary to being and feeling safe, secure and strong.

We each need to be fed and sheltered and safe.

We each need to be educated and socialized.

We each need to be loved and to belong.

We each need to have something to do.

The priorities for children are not entertainment and toys.

The priorities in families are not chores and doing homework.

The priorities in partnerships are not partying and sexual intimacy.

When the media feeds us with what sells, we often forget and neglect the basics.

In a privileged and affluent nation, we have impoverished ourselves and our children.

When we work to provide temporary pleasures, spending time and money on nonessentials, we make ourselves poor in love, inspiration and healthy living.

We need Love, Love for ourselves, for others and for the beauty and bounty all around us.

We need gratitude for those we love and those who love us.

We need to know we are safe and secure, with a bed to sleep in and bills paid.

We need to eat regular meals prepared by someone who cares.

We need relationships that are respectful, reassuring and valuing who we are.

Good living comes from feeling grateful for the people in our lives and showing we love them.

Good living is taking care of our bodies, our clothing, our homes and what we have that serves us.

Good living is reading a book to our kids and tucking them in at night.

Good living is laughing at ourselves and enjoying the fun we have everyday.

Good living is breathing deep the fresh spring air and being grateful to be alive.

Good living is thanking Creator, Source, Universe for the unlimited life we have.

Good living is remembering Who We are and why we are here.

Good living is natural for those who see and trust in the Good that is theirs.

Let us remember to give ourselves and others the basics we need with full appreciation.

Life work when we take care of our needs.

Loving ourselves, 

Betty Lue

Monday, January 11, 2021


Choose for what is Good, Honest and True.

Do no harm with your thoughts, words and behavior.

All Good and Only Good.


I choose to enjoy my whole life.

I prefer learning from everyone and everything.

I love the life I have chosen for myself.

My thoughts, words and activities reflect my enjoyment.

Enjoy What You Do

Enjoy what you do and it will work for you!

Hate, resist and resent what you do and it won’t work for you.

When you love what you are doing, it will be fun, safe and easy.

When you don’t like what you do, it may be unfun, unsafe and difficult.

Enjoying is a choice.

Happiness is a choice.

Joy is a choice.

Gratitude is a choice.

Dislike is learned.

Unhappiness is taught.

We choose how we see what we see.

We can choose to see things differently.

Children copy parents.

Friends copy friends.

Associations tend to create similar beliefs.

Families often choose similar experiences.

When born into a happy, curious and appreciative family, children tend to be the same.

When born into an unhappy, fearful and ungrateful family, children tend to be the same.

To change our original programming, we must forgive and undo the past and choose again.

To clear away limiting beliefs and false programs, we can forgive, erase and delete.

Enjoy what you do.

Use positive languaging.

Forgive negative thoughts and words.

Change your attitude and you change your mind.

Put a smile on your face each morning.

Greet yourself in the mirror with a smile.

Give your best self to your partner and children.

What you give to others, you will receive and reinforce in yourself.

Life reflects what we send out to others.

The attitude will share will be seen in our perceptions.

Our words are heard by others, as well as by ourselves.

We hear sounds with our own interpretation of enjoyment or judgment.

To enjoy what you do, make up your mind to choose joy.

To enjoy what you do, choose it with open-hearted gratitude.

To enjoy what you do, forgive all negative thinking.

To enjoy what you do, see it with pleasure and appreciation.

Turn your thoughts to love and appreciation.

Turn your life over to joy and inspiration.

Turn you eyes to wondrous and beautiful sights

Turn your words to beholding the enjoying what is.

Enjoying loving me and you with everything I say and do.

Betty Lue