Friday, June 23, 2017

Prepared for Life

I let love lead the way.
I teach and lead by example.
I live my life as though all thought, words and activities matter.
I know who I am make a positive difference.

Are Kids and Youth Prepared for Life?

Are you prepared to be an adult?
Are you prepared to take care of yourself?
Did you learn how to get a job and maintain a budget?
Are you aware of professional dress, behavior and work relationships?

Somehow it seems few know how to be mature and be responsible.
When parents and grandparent do not know, where will our young people learn?
When kids see and hear disaster, divorces bankruptcies, disease and depression, how will they know?
We must all learn and practice the basics to earn our kids respect and admiration.

Consider the basics and see if you know any better.
When we know better, we can do better.
When our life is not working, we need to learn better.
When we are hiding our mistakes, we forget to get help to improve.

Do you learn from every adversity and challenge?
Are you open to letting someone teach you a better way?
Do you get frustrated or depressed by how hard life seems to be?
Are you willing to do the work to be happy and successful?

Are you a good role model from which others can learn?
Do you appreciate yourself for how hard you work and do better everyday?
Are you an effective parent, partner, employee and friend?
Do you improve your relationships with what you have learned from others?

Is your reaction to problems or people to get angry, upset, hurt, afraid?
Are you willing to learn how to be peaceful, respectful, helpful and kind?
Are you ready to take care of yourself and your family and/or children?
This is our time to step up and do the right thing to live the best way.

Below are some recommendations to teach our youth before they leave home.
Further down are some Recommendations for Adult to practice.
Is it possible that as a society we have become dependent on elders, government, welfare and lawsuits?
Are we ready to take back the power to become independent, hard-working, courageous and prosperous?

We can show our children how to work all day without complaining.
We can demonstrate that we prioritize our family first and put down the technology.
We are resources for learning cooking, cleaning, helping, learning, healing and having fun.
We can show up as the capable, generous and loveable people we are.

We can apologize for our mistakes.
We can look forward to a positive future.
We can be encouraging and resourceful in our parenting.
We can appreciate and enjoy our family life everyday.

We are the future in everyway we live today.
Let’s show up and pay attention to our real job.
We can make a difference in every relationship and situation.
We are here to love ourselves and our families and love life.

I am with you appreciating you and all you can do.
Betty Lue

14 Must-Have Life Skills for Teens  (and all of us!)
Don't let your child leave for college without mastering these key life skills!

For more details on each item, see teens/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=061117 <>

1.       How to do the laundry
2.       How to clean the bathroom
3.       How to plunge a toilet
4.       Basic first aid and CPR
5.       How to boil water — and more
6.       How to budget
7.       How to pay bills, manage a bank account, and pay taxes
8.       How to use a credit card
9.       Basic car maintenance
10.   How to read a map
11.   How to write a professional email
12.   How to manage their time and health
13.   Trusting their inner voice
14.   How (and when) to ask for help

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