Sunday, April 02, 2017

More Light!

Life is delightful and full of light.
I fill myself with light and feel fully alive.
I turn up the light in my life and see more clearly.
Love and light create my joy daily.

More Light, Please!

Wherever there is darkness, disappointment and depression, we need more light.
Whenever there is desperation and despair, we need light, more light.
Whenever you find yourself confused, complaining and cloudy, turn up the lights.
The more light, the more clearly you see and wisely you know and understand.

Education provides more information.
Inspiration provides more energy.
Forgiveness provides more openness to see.
Love provides more freedom and trust.

Turn up the light in your home and you will see more to undo.
Turn up the light one your relationships and you will see more to heal.
Turn up the light in your mind and you will become more willing to respond.
Turn up the light in your life and you will energize your love quotient.

Very often, certain seasons offer less light and more gloom.
The external ma¥ affect your moods and energy responses.
The physical and mental changes in physiology may follow.
We need to choose and use whatever the state seems to be.

Consider what you can do to cast out fear.
Consider how you can bring more light into your environment.
Understand your motivation for seeing less with less light.
Invite yourself to spend even one hour with more light.

You may begin to see more to learn and discern.
With more information, you see more choices.
With more inspiration, you receive more energy.
With more letting go and willingness, you feel more light.

Life energies are decreased with less light.
Life energy is increased with more light.
We choose to turn up the volume or turn it down.
We can smile more or frown more.

Everything is in our command, when we realize we can make changes.
We can do more, love more, forgive more, energize more or less.
We are at the control of our thoughts, emotions and actions.
We determine how we use the light energy and light within.

Call in the light and learn more.
Turn up the light and see more to do.
Enjoy the light and feel more trusting and free.
Give more delight and joy and feel fully alive.

Light is a gift.
Use it wisely and well.
Loving you with the light in me.
Betty Lue