Tuesday, October 07, 2014


I prefer being happy and loving.
I choose the thoughts I think and the feelings I prefer.
I live my life honoring my preferences.
My mind and emotions honor the intentions I have.

Are feelings REAL?
Are we supposed to feel them?
Are we stuck with our feelings?
Can we believe our feelings?

Feelings are wakeup calls,
Feelings tell us what has gone wrong for us or right for us.
Feelings are not to be used to victimize or render us helpless.
Feelings are a call to take full response ability and choose something better to think, safe and do.

How do you use your feelings?
If you see them as a guide, you may listen to them and believe them to be correct.
If you see them as a tool, you may rely on them to make others sad, mad or glad.
If you see them as your Truth,  you may believe they are your Source and decision maker.

Some make feelings their Highest True and the Source from which all things come.
If you feel it is Good for you, you embrace it as good no matter what you rational thinking tells you.
Some make feelings the path that guided their way, choices, behaviors, words and all.
If you feel that feelings “rule” you may express them freely without concern for the impact on others.

Some see feelings as temporary.
Some feel feelings to acknowledge their inner child.
Some believe feelings come from thoughts, both conscious and unconscious.
Some make up feelings are natural instinctual impulses which keep them safe.

You may want to experiment with thoughts and feelings to see how they work.
You may choose to explore consciously thinking negative and hurtful thoughts and see how you feel.
You may want to try consciously thinking positive , helpful, loving thoughts and see how you feel.
You can easily change low to high, dark to light, difficult to easy with a change of mind.

It takes practice to manage your feelings.
They have a “mind” of their own.
Just as it takes practice to train your thinking, it take consistency to change your emotional habits.
Everyone can be in charge of their thoughts and feeling when they so choose.

Many would rather not have to do anything to change their lives.
Quick fixes may work temporarily, but transforming ones energy and emotional patters takes consistency.
When you really want to make a difference in your own life, begin with the work for changing your mind.
Forgiveness (a mental eraser with Love) and affirmations (clearing limiting thoughts patterns) work!

When you need help, track your thoughts by writing them down.
1. The real reason I feel upset ( Unhappy, angry, afraid, etc) is:
2. Write down all the thoughts that come up for you, until you have cleared your archived excuses.
3. Notice which ones are still believed and cross off the rest.
4. Keep doing this work until you find what is left to delete, transform, affirm and make changes.

You are totally at choice with the life you choose and the feelings you have, depending on the thoughts you think and what you believe.
Change your mind and you change your feelings.
Change your feelings and you change your life.
Love yourself well everyday.
Betty Lue.

Nothing  good comes from acting  when angry or upset.

When upset or angry about anything.
Calm yourself before you act or speak.
    Breathe deeply, fully and freely.
    Step away.
    Leave the situation until you are calm.

Nothing  good comes from acting  when angry or upset.

This is a life lesson in learning to wait until your inner emotional storm has passed.

Only when you are calm and clear can you make effective decisions.