Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Healing For All Humanity!

I accept responsibility for everything I see and hear, think and feel.
I forgive everyone and everything for all time, including myself.
I quickly release any sense of victimization and accept my life is mine.
I trust myself to do no harm to myself or others with my thoughts, words or behavior.
Stop taking everything so personally.
You are healing for all humanity.
What you think is yours alone, is really what has been known through generations.
What you have held in secret with resentment, guilt and regret belongs to us all to forgive.

Our problems, pains and provocations have gone around and come around again and still again.
We may think they belong to us alone and thought when will this struggle end.
It might seem that you are alone in your fight to be right or find the light.
It is for everyone you do the work, the forgiveness work, to find within what is right and true.

We have learned, been taught and shown ways of shame and blame and guilt.
We have learned with fears and tears, sometimes violence and abuse.
We have judged that we must cover, hide and avoid what is hurtful and untrue.
Somehow with this generation, the buck stops here, with just me and with you.

We are the ones.
We volunteered to take the time, and give our best.
We are here to find the Truth, to forgive us all, to put the unkindness to rest.

What will it take to reveal and release, to forgive and bless the past?
What can you do to take away the pain and let love reign?
What are we willing to say and do to let go and release the Good?
How can we lift the veil and feel the Love and do Good for all?
Are we ready willing and able to stop the recurring fall?
So let me be clear.
What false beliefs you have learned were passed down generation to generation.
There is no one to blame.
And it does no good to find the source of false information.

The sins or mistakes are carried on with ignorance and simply not knowing the Truth.
When you claim new thought and a new way of healing and loving, you do it to heal the past.
When you forgive yourself and those you love, you are forgiving everyone everywhere too.
When you release yourself from darkness, dis-ease and lack of integrity, you are healing us all.

No wonder the work seems so hard, so deep, so heavy to handle.
No wonder we don’t want to be responsible for our lives.
No wonder we don’t get why is seems so hard to forgive.
We are doing the work for everyone who didn’t know how.

To forgive is a life time job, as we clear al  judgment, fear and pain.
To reveal and heal is an ominous task when we believe we are alone.
To undo everything that is not true is really BIG to do, alone and unsupported.
The more light, the more we see what is not right.

We need to stop hoarding and hiding what is false and ugly and toxic.
We need to stop hating and fearing past pain and problems too.
We need to relinquish all attack and blame and find some Higher Truth to claim.
We are here to forgive, allow, release and bless it all to free ourselves for all time.

Yes, this is a Very Big Job and someone has to do it…..
So why not me and YOU!
I appreciate and value you for taking responsibility and doing the REAL WORK!
Betty Lue

Rules of Remembering

No complaining.
No stories of past pain, problems or mistakes.
No criticizing, aloud or silently.
No need to justify, explain or seek approval.
Stop every harmful thought, word or deed.
Focus on giving your best right now.
Clean up after yourself and keep life in order.
Hurt no one with your thoughts, words or deeds.
Forgive yourself and apologize immediately.
If you see something that is needed, simply do it.
Respect your body and mind with only good.
Appreciate everything you have and do and are.
Choose to be happy, content and grateful.
Speak with clarity and intention to give only Love.
Let go of what no longer works for you.
Live every moment, as if God (Love) in all Life matters….because it does.

Betty Lue, 2013