Saturday, July 19, 2014

What is Love for you?

I choose to give positive energy.
I choose to love, respect, teach and learn with everyone.
I choose to free myself and others with my love and positive energy.
I trust and free myself to receive and give only Love.

Love is whatever you want it to be for you.
Love can be a feeling or a thought, a noun or a verb.
Love can be passionate or soft.
Love can be inspiring or depressing.
Love can be creative or destructive.
Love can lift you up or bring you down.
Love can be what awakens you or puts you to sleep.
Love can exhilarate or comfort you.
Love can create wars or bring peace.
Love can open our heart and minds or create right and wrong.
Love can be freeing or restrictive.
Love can create sanity or craziness.
Love is your word for whatever you choose.

Love is energy.
Energy is neither created nor destroyed.
It is our thoughts about Love that give us the experience we have.
It is how we choose to think about what we feel that creates it being so.

I am responsible for my thoughts about what I experience.
When I am conscious about what I experience, I can change my thoughts and feelings.
When I am willing to be  responsible for what I experience, I change my thoughts and feelings.
When I forgive what I don’t want, I can easily let go and choose what I do want.

I am responsible for my words and my behavior.
I am responsible for how I use my words and behavior.
I am responsible with how and who I love.
I am responsible for how I choose to express and experience love.

Energy is energy.
When we set energy free with forgiveness and gratitude, it feels like ecstasy.
Energy can be expressed in many ways from many chakras and parts of our being.
Love energy is usually expressed in ways that feel what we call kind, respectful, attractive and loving.

Love can be expressed in poetry, in music, in dance, in helpfulness, in prayer, in acts of kindness, in giving and spending money, in worshipping, in making love/ and infinite ways.
Sometimes love energy can be addictive and create attachments, obsessions, compulsions, and excesses.
When we feel guilty, ashamed, fearful of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, they may become distorted.

Distorted energy can feel sick or crazy or eratic or erotic.
Right now our culture is selling love energy as passion, sensuality, neediness and dependence.
When we make it up the media is right, we may feel stuck, trapped and even crazy in love.
Consider another way to use your energy to free, expand, grow, serve, connect, create and awaken.

Loving you is my truth to set us all free to fully express and be ourselves with happiness and gratitude.
Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love. 
Betty Lue 1978