Monday, July 21, 2014

It All Begins with You and Me!

I take full responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions.
I express myself consciously and respectfully.
I choose what is highest and best all concerned.
I am aware of what I choose and create in my life.

Whatever you do, it begins with you.
Wherever you go, you lead the way.
However you speak, it is your words you say.
No matter what happens, this is your life.

When we give our choice away, we lose our own voice.
When we let others lead, we become a follower.
When we allow another to tell us what is right, we make someone else our judge.
When we choose to be responsible, we make the choices for our lives.

Yes, I am teaching with every thought and belief I hold, every word I speak and write.
Yes, I demonstrate what I believe by my actions, choices, life style and work I do.
Yes, I live in integrity with what is best for me as far as I am aware.
I want you to do what if right and true and best for you.

The world is made of many peoples, faiths, cultures and families.
Beauty comes from many colors, shades, textures, shapes and sizes.
Goodness is shown in different sounds, tastes, touches and interaction.
Love is the gift we share when we give in what we believe to be positive,

Flow is positive and helpful for me.
And so is the dam which it generate power for electricity or a home for a beaver.
Laughter is great in opening positive energy and dissolving fear.
And so are tears when we need to express feelings of sorrow or wash away the pain.

Everything has its place and time to be express and understood.
Everyone has its voice and challenges to learn and teach.
All things work together for good, when we are open and willing to be.
Life works effortlessly when we are willing to see things differently.

Perhaps what is best for you….is just simply best for you.
Perhaps what is good for one may not be good for another.
Perhaps what we want to be true is not true for someone else.
Perhaps what we perceive is simply what we believe.

If there is no one who goes first, maybe the answer will never be known.
If there is no one to sing or share what you hear, maybe that wisdom will never be heard.
If there is no one who reaches out for that child in need, may they will never know safety and love.
If there is no one who stops the violence, maybe there will be the end of that life.

You and I are the One.
We all live under the same sun.
We are responsible for what we do while we are here.
As guests in this earthly home, we are responsible for respecting our stay.

Let us make each day our holy and healing work to live the best we know.
Let us give our best when we relate to one another.
Let us teach and learn, give and receive the most positive energies we have.
Let us do our part to give only what we want to receive and love all anyway.

Loving us all as we make each moment the best we know for everyone!

Betty Lue