Sunday, June 22, 2014

Where Are YOU?

Reunion ReSource Center, our 25th Center in the last 38 years opened in Middletown yesterday.
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This Reunion ReSource Center is designed to help everyone with counseling, alternative healing and learning resources.
Blessings of gratitude and Joy, Betty Lue 

I recognize the Light in me.
I celebrate the Love in me.
I am free to share the Light and Love I AM.

Where Are YOU?  

Where is the Real You?
Where is your happiness and inner peace?
Where is your natural innocence and creativity?
When is the Love and Trust that frees you to be?

Are you ready to see and be the Real You?
Some believe they are the worst they see within themselves.
Some think they are what others have projected onto them.
Some may wonder what is true and authentic about their real desires, thoughts and feelings.

What if what we perceive is merely the thoughts we paint onto our world and ourselves.
What if what we think we are, is the made-up illusion of what we have said and held.
What if our real work is to expose the natural essence of our Being in freedom and trust.
What if the more safe we feel the more we will reveal our authentic Self and our Truth.

As I am the safe space in which Love is remembered and wholeness revealed, I get how little I know.
In the safety of our non-judgment and unconditional Love, everyone discovers the unlimited Good within.
As we build a world of safety and respect for everyone as they are, we come to know the inner Truths.
With our willingness to open to what is REAL, we each reveal the amazing and unlimited Potential in us.

Those who seek for Love may not know how to Love who they really are.
Those who seek for belonging may not yet belong to themselves.
These who seek for healing may not yet understand how to be Whole, Happy and Free.
Those who see for prosperity may not yet feel how rich they really are and want what others have.

When we know ourselves and live in our Truth, we are strong and free, happy and in love.
When we live our lives as we feel called, we find our safety, freedom, trust and true prosperity.
When we claim the purpose for which we have come, we find the place of power and peace.
When we honor the One who lives in us, we begin to celebrate the One who lives within all.

Now is the time to brush away others fears, judgments, comparisons and projections.
Now is the time to forgive each thought and feeling that diminishes and demeans our Inner Knowing.
Now is the time to clear the false beliefs and dark clouds of unconsciousness to see the Light within.
Now is the time to stop making up scary stories and seductive glories and live right here and now in Love.

Life experiences  and our stories may have muddied the waters.
Other’s thoughts, criticism and projections may be shadows on our minds.
Family history, mass Unconsciousness and our own faulty thinking may have victimized humanity.
Only Safety, trust and freedom will set us free to fully Be the Unlimited Source of Goodness We Are.

Let us give up limiting ourselves or others.
Let us stop preaching and teaching what is wrong.
Let us step up to a vision of Beauty and Grace for All.
Let us join in trusting and freeing each one to fully blossom.

As I know myself, I know you.
As I see my whole Self, I can see you too.
And so it is, we come home to a world of safety, peace and Love.

Betty Lue