Friday, June 27, 2014

On Vacation

I love doing what I love everyday.
Life works because I enjoy all of life.
Everyday is a vacation when I choose to see it new again.
I easily release the old ways and choose again what is fun, safe and easy.

Vacations are meant to give us some space and room to be.
Vacations are a time to stop and open our mind.
Vacations allow us to see things differently
Vacations are a chance to pause and reflect.

Those who live in a certain way may use their vacation as a break from routine.
Some use their vacation as more of the same or perhaps just do more.
Some distract themselves from what is their usual focus.
Some create novelty and entertainment on their vacations.

To vacate your thoughts may be a form of meditation.
To vacate your words may be to try a silent retreat or to travel out of the country.
To vacate your behaviors may be a spa, different way of living or eating or relating.
Vacations are literally about choosing what is different than usual.

After many travels and vacation experience, we usually now go to a familiar place.
We really like to have no distraction, and focus on inner travels, into new ideas.
We enjoy meeting new folks in their natural environment.  
We love interacting with people in their own home base doing the jobs they enjoy.

Vacation for us is relaxing in a different surroundings with different activities.
Much of vacation is the same routine of early morning practice –spiritually ad physically.
There is time and space to focus on self renewal.
Our preference is to continue doing what is our calling and work/play.

What do you do to vacate your mind?
What do you do to renew your body?
What do you do to inspire you?
These can be your daily vacations.

Consider choosing the simplest way to renew your mind, body and Spirit.
Consider lifting yourself to freedom of experience.
Consider giving yourself an opportunity to see your life new again.
Novelty is always an opportunity to inspire and expand your whole Self.

Every aspect of life is to be see new again.
Every choice you make can come from the free will within you.
Every time we step away from the old, we can see ourselves new again.
When you go on vacation from your life, give yourself permission to do it your way.

Loving my vacations and “playcations” and “workcations.”,
And Loving YOU doing what you Love everyday.

Betty Lue.