Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just Do It!

Where there is a Will, there is a way.
I know what I really want and I go for it.
Life is for doing what I want to do.
I choose to act on my choices, rather than react with frustration.

What are you waiting for?
Why are you wasting time?
What do you really want to do?
How can you set yourself free?

Many people wish and hope for what they want.
Some make excuses for not acting on their dreams.
Some may try magical means to get their wishes fulfilled.
Some simply wait and wait and wait.

Every desire has an inspiration within it.
Something is wanted with an intended outcome.
Some thing that what they wish for it their desire.
Some believe that the desire itself will fulfill them.

Within every desire, there is an idea or ideal.
With every physical or tangible wish, there is a spiritual desire.
When we seek the worldly goal, we often neglect to see the spiritual experience.
And within the spiritual is the true and lasting outcome we seek.

1)  Vision or imagine what you really want to experience.
2)  Allow yourself to feel what you really desire to experience.
3)  Trust and believe you can have what you seek to experience.
4)  Plan or listen within to what you need to clear to have what you want.
5)  Commit to keep going until you have the experience you seek.
6)  Act or live as though you already are experiencing what you want.
7)  Appreciate and be grateful for what you really want.

Some wish and wait for someone else to provide for them.
Some are afraid and hold back.
Some feel unworthy and hope to find a reward.
Some are comparing what they have with others.

Some are attached.
Some are addicted.
Some are needy.
 Some are greedy.

And some are learning how to create.
Some are learning how to step out of the way.
Some are forgiving past mistakes.
Some are fulfilling their promises to themselves.

Give yourself what you want to experience.
Just do it and discover the experience you want.
You will discover what it is you desire.
You may learn what you really don’t want.

Just do it!
Cheering you on,
Betty Lue


Assertive People Do:
1. Decide what they want.
2. Decide if it is fair.
3. Ask for it clearly.
4. Are not afraid of taking risks.
5. Are calm and relaxed.
6. Express feelings openly.
7. Give and take compliments easily.
8. Accept and give fair evaluation.


Assertive People Do not:
1. Beat about the bush.
2. Go behind other people's backs.
3. Bully.
4. Call people names.
5. Bottle up their feelings.


Aids For Developing Assertiveness:
1. Models
2. Love and encouragement
3. Caring evaluation
4. A sense of values
5. A basic feeling of security

Comparing Responses
There are two primitive, adaptive, instinctive responses when encountering a problem area:  1)  a desire for flight or 2)  a desire to fight. We mostly experience these responses as fear or anger.  Both responses are basically "back-brain" or reactive in nature.  Assertiveness brings the "fore-brain" into play, bringing objectivity and "rationality".

The more I respect myself, the more I respect others.
The more I respect myself, the more others respect me.
The more I respect myself, the more others respect themselves.

Therefore, I choose to respect myself more.