Saturday, June 28, 2014

Are You Bored?

I am excited and delighted about life.
I am alive, alert and enthusiastic.
Life works for me, because I choose the life I have.
Everything is fun, safe and easy when I allow only love to prevail.

If life is boring, you may be stuck.
If life is boring, you may need a friend.
If life is boring, you may be afraid to live.
If life is boring, you may want to be entertained.

If life is boring, you may be doing the same thing over and over.
If life is boring, you may want only to be comfortable.
If life is boring, you may not be learning and growing.
If life is boring , you may feel trapped in the old ways.

Try something new.
Give yourself opportunities for adventure.
Spend time with children who are free.
Be more independent and think out of the box.

Imagine what you might want to do that is new for you.
Read a new book or magazine.
Explore new ways to use your phone or computer.
Try creating a new friend or new restaurant.

How about learning a new game, solitaire or with others?
How about giving yourself a spa day or new lunch restaurant experience?
How about creating a new recipe that you can share with others?
How about volunteering to work with handicapped or assisting children?

Routine is good for those who are overwhelmed with changes.
Too much routine can be a stuck or boring comfort zone like a cocoon or prison.
Change is good for those who are depressed or lethargic with too much of the same.
Too much change can be chaotic and unsettling, and anxiety provoking.

There is a balance which we can notice within ourselves.
The right balance is what gives us the feeling of being awake and alive.
Abundant living is full of happy giving and interactive sharing and caring.
Life is meant to be enjoyed fully and provide health and happiness.

Our natural state is Love.
Our natural state is Joy.
Our natural state is Abundant.
Our natural state is Vitality.

When we are not experiencing our natural state, we have gone off course.
When we are not experiencing a life full of meaning and purpose, we have lost our way.
When we are not experiencing what is good and whole and beautiful, we forgot.
When we do not have inner peace and happiness, we need to forgive and choose again.

Loving us in waking up to choose what is enlivening for us,

Betty Lue