Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where Do You Find the Money?

Money works for me.
Money is a useful currency to use for Good works.
Money is an acknowledgment for the work I do.
Money is to be shared with joy and gratitude.
I love to use my time, money and energy for Goodness sake.

(The Same Goes for Money, Time and Energy!)

I consider Life a Gift.
Every encounter is healing and helpful.
All my time can be useful and used to share Goodness.
Every expenditure of time, $ and energy spent here in my body has value.

I waste no money on foolish purchases.
I waste no money on temporary pleasures.
I waste no money on what has no value.
I waste no money on meaningless treasures.

I have many experiences with money over a lifetime, having very little and having a lot.
I have never felt poor and I have never felt “wealthy”.
I have always known that money is currency that comes and goes and is to be useful
Because I believe in sharing all I have, I use money, (like wisdom, food, love) to share with others.

It has seemed to me, when everyone has enough of what they need, we will all be happy.
When I was a child, I shared with others who would not share with others.
When I was a young adult, I shared the Work and Joy I had with others, and they distrusted my motives.
When I was an elder, I shared with others and they sometimes took advantage of me.

I have learned to share my Love with wisdom.
I have learned that others have alternative motives.
I have learned that others sometimes fear those who are happy and sharing.
I have learned that sharing may not be caring for those who believe they don’t deserve.

I have not stopped sharing.
I simply share with wisdom.
I will not stop caring.
I now choose to give to those who want to receive and give more.

I am a true believer.
I believe we can have a world where everyone has enough of what they need.
Children deserve food, housing, quality education, but mostly they need love.
For all children the have what they need, we must teach parents to be role models.

When life is given in abundance, but no one cooks or cleans, it is difficult to learn.
When libraries and internet offers everything to be learned, but no one reads, there is no learning.
When schools offer good educations, but no one listens and studies and learns, there is poor learning.
When we no longer show compassion and  conscious caring, then no one learns to care for themselves.

It is time to take time with those who have all the time in the world.
It is important to take our energy to teach by our example those who will listen and learn.
It is essential that we invest in those who are willing and ready to invest in themselves.
It is ours to make a difference with all we have and all we are and all we do.

I believe in us, all of us.
I believe in YOU!
I will always do what I can do.
With gratitude and grace,
Betty Lue

Some simple tools for healing and growing our relationship with $$$
Money Basics: Heal and Grow Prosperous!
Do not crumple your money.
Do not throw it away, not a penny or a dime.
Do not judge that it is not enough.
Do not make comments about how much everything costs.
Do not worry, fret or get mad about money.
Do not spend money you don’t have.
Do not say unkind things about money.
Do not wait to handle bills, taxes or money matters.
Do not procrastinate about doing something with money.
Do not avoid or ignore money.

Do handle money with care.
Do treat each bill with respect.
Do put money in a safe place.
Do use your money wisely.
Do pay bills with gratitude.
Do appreciate all money that comes to you.
Do handle tips and payments with respect.
Do use money as though is has value.
Do appreciate those who pay you.
Do save money thoughtfully.
Do buy what you need wit gratitude.
Do contribute money with blessings.
Do thank money with your words.

Money is a method of exchange.
Money keeps us current, thus called “currency”.
Money is simply a way of noting fair exchange.
Money, of itself, is metal and paper and we give it meaning.
Money reminds us of the value of relationship.
Money can be used to give or exchange.

Money with spiritual intent is used to Love, Serve and Remember Goodness.