Saturday, May 17, 2014

Honor Your Part

Affirmations for You:
I recognize the gift I AM and the part I play.
I trust, respect and honor my purpose here.
I see myself as a light in my world.
Life is for giving and I Am the Gift.

We are each here for our unique healing and holy purpose.
You have a life which is yours to  have, hold and cherish.
You have a covenant with your Authentic or Higher Self.
This agreement is to set yourself free to be All You Are.

No one can take your place.
You are an integral part of the Whole.
You life makes a difference to us all.
Every choice you make influences all others.

Yes, every thought creates.
Yes, every word has power.
Yes, every action has a response.
You are a creative presence in every way.

What you give is a gift to yourself.
What you say are words you need to hear.
What you think and envision are meant to heal and inspire you.
When you receive all you give, you will be filled with gratitude and fulfillment.

We are seeing ourselves in the reflection of humanity and its apparent needs.
We are being ourselves in the midst of the duality and chaos of worldly beliefs.
We are seeking ourselves in the place of inner safety and peaceful presence.
We are realizing ourselves in the ways we forgive and see things through loving eyes.

Life serves is a mirror, a place of Self awakening and self awareness.
When all we see is the separate little and lacking “me”, we are lost in the human condition.
When what we see is the glory of what is and will always be, we are awake in the awareness of reality.
Life is for us to take responsibility for our whole and holy part in humanity.

When we live as if God in all life matters, we honor our part in the greater Good.+
When each cell in the body is serving its purpose, the body is blessed and responds with health.
When one cell denies its function and refuses to participate, all cells are effected.
When everyone of us lives true to what is given for us to be and do, all will benefit.

Some deny their part.
Some denigrate their value.
Some fear stepping up.
Some withhold all they have.

When we live in separation and fear, we cannot see or be clear about what is our value.
When we criticize and condemn ourselves for petty mistakes, we diminish our gifts.
When we get attached to limited thoughts and faulty beliefs, we claim our ignorance.
When we believe we are stuck and have failed, we forget to let go and choose again.

Now it the time to honor ourselves, our higher purpose and our holy work.

Honoring You and the inspiration you offer me everyday,
Betty Lue