Monday, May 12, 2014

Do What Is Right for You!

What works for me is mine to share.
I am here to contribute the best I know.
All things work together for Good.
I forgive making my way is the right way for all.
I honor all paths home.

Do what you know to do.
Watch what is right for you.
Appreciate what is best for all.
Undo what is no longer helpful or true.

Many learn to fight to be right.
Some learn to surrender in fear.
A few choose to listen to understand.
Where are you making your right way to be?

What can we do that is right for ourselves?
How can we maintain our integrity without giving in to others “right” way?
What can we say to make it OK for everyone to have their own experience of ‘Truth?’
Who needs correction or perhaps there is no ‘right way” to live and learn?

When I recognize we are each on our own unique journey, I need not correct.
When I understand, I can see we are all together in this world to learn from one another.
When I let go of my judgments and opinions, I observe everyone sees through their own experience.
Life works when we release the judgments and opinions that come from our fear of differences.

When we focus on what is ours to do, we need not mind others’ business.
When we pay attention and focus on our calling and guidance, we step away from controlling others.
When we allow everyone to find their own happy way without interference, we know our own freedom.
When we live life our way, we are whole and happy and free.

I can only see what is right and true for me.
You can find what is true and right for you.
When each of us lives life our own way, we do judge others.
When we believe another is interfering with us, we may fear and judge.

Limitation, restrictions and judgments lead to defensiveness and interference.
Openness, allowance and forgiveness lead to defenselessness and freedom.
We each and all have the right to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.
When I give freedom and trust to others, they learn to give trust and freedom to me.

And so it is, we are each free to find the right work, right purpose and right place to be.

With great trust and Love, 
Betty Lue