Thursday, April 24, 2014

Positive Communication

I think, speak and act with integrity and inspiration.
I share what inspires and uplifts and forgive the rest.
I undo what is not true quickly and easily.
I give attention and focus to what is beneficial.

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When we learn to think positive, we talk positive.
When we learnt to talk positive, we live positive.
When we learn to live positive, we teach positive.
When we are living and teaching positive, we will be believed.

This year I am teaching how to communicate effectively.
When we are not in integrity with our words, we are not trusted.
When we are inconsistent with our words, we are not believed.
When we give a mixed message, we confuse ourselves and others.

The key is practice.
Practice what you preach.
Live what you speak.
Give the best you know.

In the beginning of change, we often make mistakes.
We may take two steps forward and one step back.
Acknowledge, apologize and let others know your error.
Open and forgiven mistakes are a healthy path to learning.

Communication is the coming together with others with integrity.
Communication acknowledges errors in thoughts, words and behavior.
Communication share what we feel, want and are willing to choose for ourselves.
Communication is living in integrity with what is best for us.

True communication is trusting and freeing for others.
True communication does not tell others what to believe or do.
True communication demonstrates by how we live.
True communication is the place of sharing what our path is for us.

When we are living in integrity, we do not tell others their path.
When we are true to ourselves, we do not condemn or “guilt” others’ choices.
When we are honest with our choices, we offer an opportunity for others to learn.
When we are open with our mistakes with apology and forgiveness, we forgive others errors as well.

True positive communication trusts everyone is doing the best they know.
Positive communication offers freedom for everyone to explore what works.
Positive communication believes in others right to choose their timing and way.
Positive communication listens and allows, trusts and forgives.

Talk to others with the words and tone and attitude you would want to hear.
Listen to others with the open mind and kind heart you would want to receive.
Share with others with the kindness and respect you have for the very best in you.
Set aside the time, energy and focus to always give what nurtures and inspires you and others.

When you are positive and connected, everyone is benefited and blessed.
Loving us all to share what is True.

Betty Lue