Monday, March 24, 2014

What Does It Mean?

I give everything I see all the meaning it has for me.
I see within you Goodness, Beauty and Love.
I value the life we are given by giving only my best.
I treat all life with respect, appreciation and wonder.

You Mean the World to Me.
You mean everything to me.

What does this really mean?
You are everything.
You are important.
Your life is important.

How you live and think and be is important.
Each one of us makes a huge difference to every other one.
When we know we matter, we usually begin to treat ourselves like we matter.
And so it is our matters matter to everyone.

Every thought, word and deed matters to your world.
You are communicating to everyone everywhere.
You behavior and speech are teaching everyone everywhere.
Yes, people who see you and think of you directly hear your message.
Far beyond your little place on the planet, your behavior and interactions touches everyone else.

How will you live when you know your choices touch and teach every creature large and small?
Will you stop swearing and condemning?
Will you stop hurting yourself and others with your thoughts and words?
Will you no longer engage in or watch unhealthy habits or behaviors?

What will it take to no longer hurt any living creature, large or small?
When will humanity stop taking lives and neglecting ourselves and others?
When will we honor all life and beauty and the earth herself?
What can you and I do to make this the bountiful paradise it was created to be?

The environmental wholeness and ecology we seek is found in how we relate to everyone.
The compassion we speak of is fro each one, including ourselves.
The love we have within is natural and healing and life-giving.
The joy we feel is for loving and respecting and valuing.

You mean everything to me.
For in you is me and the earth.
In me is the creative power of the Universe.
In you are the gifts of God we share.

How can we dare to treat anyone less than we treat our “favorite” ones?
What will it take to wake up and give our all in every encounter?
Always respect and never neglect.
Each one young and old, large or small, no matter, color, education, religion or nationality.

Behave as if God in all Life matters…….because it does!
What you do unto others will be done unto you.
So stop killing, endangering, threatening or neglecting.
Give your best and you will feel your best and receive the rest.

Loving you with the best I have.
Loving us with the best I share.
Loving all with the best I know.
Blessings of Infinite Love, Betty Lue

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