Friday, March 14, 2014

Is It All Upside Down and Backward?

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
It is a gift to be simple and a gift to be free.
Life presents expansive and truly abundant opportunities to me.
I love loving who I am and all I have and all I give.

Maybe Less is Really More?
Seems like these words are a lot?
Find a few words to inspire you..
Think Less and  Live more.

If it seems like life is too much, simplify.
If it seems like money problems are a lot. spend less.
If it seems like body stuff is a lot, be simpllyy natural about it.
If it seems like you don’t have time, plan less.

What you do, do really well and with Joy.
What you have, take good care of it and enjoy it.
What you give, give what really matters and feel grateful.
What you buy, use it for Good and take care of it.

Maybe we need to let go of fear in order to truly Love.
Maybe we need to Love, before we can trust.
Maybe we need to trust, before we see the Truth.
Maybe we need to give, before we can fully receive.

Maybe we are born to love and trust and give.
Maybe we are born to do what is before us here and now.
Maybe we always have enough until we doubt and worry.
Maybe we cannot have and enjoy, until we stop doubting.

Maybe we need to let go of planning to step into enjoying.
Maybe we need to set our mind free to be fully present.
Maybe we need to be happy with what is, rather than wish for more.
Maybe we need to like our lives as they are and celebrate daily.

How about a vacation to just read and watch movies at home?
How about a vacation with just eating healthy foods, walking in nature, and sleeping in everyday?
How about learning to have vacations without spending money or time?
You are never too busy to stop for a moment to breathe and simply enjoy where you are.

It may be difficult to imagine playing the game of LESS IS MORE.
When we value and appreciate what we have, it seems truly valuable.
When I take the time to respect and celebrate the simple things, they seem golden.
When I let go of comparison and competition, I see the miracles within what is now!

I can remember the Joy I had as a kid, sorting through my few simple hand-me-down clothes.
With very few I took my time to rearrange and create more different outfits.
A fun and creative game of making more out of less.
I could not have enjoyed this experience with lots of new clothes.

For me, taking impeccable care of what I have with gratitude and joy, make my life rich in every way.
Less is More in the true way.
I love you for letting go to see what really matters to you.

Betty Lue