Sunday, February 23, 2014

Things Are Changing!

I now give my all to all.
Appreciation works for everyone.
Being grateful for what I have makes it better.
Life is a learning to be happy and thankful.

Can we respond with full appreciation?
Things are moving.
Is there time to express gratitude?
Can we be fully trusting and thankful?

What does it take to count our blessings?
Are we willing to pause and rejoice?
Are we able to stop pushing?
We really do have a choice.

We can be aware of the changes we have known.
We can count them better or worse.
We cannot know what has gone before us.
We cannot know what will come after us.

How do we really know in the world of relativity?
How do we know what it is like to be isolated and imprisoned?
How do we know what it feels like to be lost and afraid with no one?
How do we know to have no food, water or rest for days?

We cannot know nor do we want to, for to imagine sets it all in place.
We can only know what we have and where we are as we are.
We can place a judgment of complaining, comparing, and despairing.
Or we can judge that we are grateful, giving and prospering in every way.

Yes, it is ours to choose or lose or snooze.
Life can be a place of eternal loss or gain or nothing at all.
This is the choice of each one of use.
We can live fully and freely at choice or die as victims.

Those who despair call forth desperation.
Those who complain seek commiseration.
Those who choose wisely with gratitude enjoy their own fullness.
Those who call forth joy and celebration begin anew every day.

Things are changing always in us and around us.
Life is constantly moving and we steer its course.
We can drown in the fears and tears of humanity.
Or we can ascend together in the love and gratitude for one another.

Now it our time to let go and flow with transformative change.
In the flow let us guide our course to lift out of pain and into joy.
Let us together open our minds to see and follow the Light and delight.
“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”

Loving you and me as we ascend together in gratitude and grace.

Betty Lue