Sunday, February 16, 2014

Please Be Picky!

I love, trust and respect myself.
I believe in the choices I make.
I quickly let go of everything that is not Good for me.
I trust and free myself to choose only the Best.
Ingest the Best and Forget the Rest!
Give yourself always and Only the Best.
Take time to discern what is Good for you.
You are the One who Knows what is Right and Good for You.

You may be hypnotized by the media.
You may be programmed by your family system.
You may conform to your friends and associates.
You may be under the spell of cultural imprinting.

We are entrained in what we see and hear, think and feel.
We live in a trance state doing what is expected of us.
We conform to what is allowed within societal mores.
We rarely think  or live “out of the box.”

Begin to notice what works for you.
Observe your physiological responses.
Pay attention to the beliefs you hold.
Look deeper for the precursor for your emotional reactions.

The foods you eat have an effect on your body, mind and spirit.
The media you watch and listen to profoundly affect your waking and sleeping dreams.
The people you associate with influence your choices and emotions and activities.
The world you experience is a reflection of your thoughts, feeling and behavior.

Choose wisely what works best for you.
Eliminate the people, media, food and experiences that are not best for you.
Undo the beliefs that create fear in your life.
Relinquish the habits that interfere with your conscious choices.

Your life is meant to support the Best in you.
When you continue what distracts, disappoints, delays and distresses you, you will not succeed.
When you consistently choose what you want to experience, you will master your life.
Loving your whole self by being picky is essential to your healing, growth and life success.

Choose the Best.
Let the rest go.
Stop conforming to others.
Start believing in yourself.

Give up unhealthy habits.
Start inspiring habits for health, happiness and harmony in your life.
You have the right and responsibility to give yourself the very best.
Begin today to learn the best way for you to live and love YOU!

Betty Lue