Friday, January 10, 2014

What Is True for You?

I am open and willing to learn.
I appreciate my flexibility, resilience in easy changes.
I trust all things work together for Good.
I let go and allow Goodness in my life.

Do you know your own mind?
Do you know what you think?
Do you honestly believe feelings are real?
Are your thoughts, feelings, memories really yours?

The mind is filled with others’ beliefs.
Most buy what they are taught to believe.
What we believe we see, because the mind searches for validation.
We want to be right and therefore choose proof in sight.

Our memories are archived where they were highlighted.
When there is a strong feeling impression, positive or negative, we tend to remember.
When we have not understood, healed or come to completion, we tend to hold on.
Where we are unresolved about the past, we will repeat in some form until we find resolution.

Our behaviors and habits are connected with familiarity.
When we see parents argue, we tend to argue.
When we grow up with quiet in the house, we seek quiet in our home.
When we learn to be cautious with spending as a child, we often expect others to do the same.

When we live based on what we think we know, expect, believe and habitually do, we often don’t question its validity or appropriateness for the specific situation or relationship.
When we find ourselves in doubt, we may feel vulnerable, defensive and resistant to change.
When we question the validity of our unconscious ways of life, we may become fearful and/or angry.
When we live based on the past, we may not even notice what is current and true for us.

What influences your choices?
Do you believe what others say and do?
Are you associating with those who are like-minded?
Do you protect yourself from ever questioning the choices you make?

What would it take to stop and observe what works for you?
No need for drama or trauma to seek your own values and beliefs.
Listen within for what matters to you and affirm it regularly.
Seek ways to inspire, remind yourself to live your Truth.

We are strong, when we are certain.
When we are certain, we may not be open to see another way.
We can be even stronger when we are flexible, resilient and creative.
We can release the past and choose again for what works in the present.

What is true for me at the core is Love, true happiness and what works!
This may change in words, in behaviors, in expression and lifestyle.
My core values are to live and love and give what teaches love, happiness and effectiveness.
What I often teach (to those who ask) is respect, responsibility and cooperation.

What do you teach?
How do you live?
What works in your life?
How do you relate to others?

We are here learning better ways together.
Let us be open-minded and willing to learn and practice, observe and course-correct quickly and easily.

Loving us all as one, 
Betty Lue