Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Are You Adaptable?

“It is not the most fit of the species, nor is it the most intelligent that survives.
Rather, it is the one who is most adaptable to change”.
Charles Darwin

I trust and enjoy the changes I make.
I believe all change works together for Good.
I forgive myself for resisting, judging and fearing change.
I use all change to be more free and unlimited.
Do you respond to change with curiosity?
Do you respect change with gratitude?
Do your enjoy change with delight?
Are you willing to change yourself to adapt?

All things change.
Weather, moods, moon cycle, perspective all change.
Music, fashion, politics, people, all change with the times.
Relationship change, children change life changes.

Change is the only constant.
When we resist, we may feel frightened, hurt and angry.
When we are resistant, we feel more pain.
When we are open and willing, we allow and trust.

Where we are righteous and resistant, we get stuck in our opinions.
When we are demanding, punitive and threatening, we feel separate.
When we are uunwilling to allow change, we feel excluded, denied and judging.
When we forgive ourselves for limiting ourselves and others, we allow change.

Change with resistance may be unnatural and rebellious.
Change by demand may be full of anger, fear and intimidation.
Change  by power over children, adults or institutions, may incur violence, harm and destruction.
Change with democratic agreement, negotiation, and fair rules, may bring transformative respect.

We need not force change.
We can gently educate for change.
We need not create anger, fear and rebellion.
We can encourage change for the good of all.

When we experience what works for all parties, people trust more.
When we develop win/win agreements, we encourage listening and respect.
When we are able and willing to express our truths without badgering or nagging, we educate others.
When we give what we want to receive, we learn how to respect, respond and cooperate.

Change may come from the parent or the children, the students or the teachers.
Change may be requested by friends or foes, employers or employees.
Change may be needed by political, business or educational institutions.
Change is natural for those who are growing and expanding in consciousness.

How we respond to the call for change determines it ease and grace in being allowed.
It is time we let go of trying to correct, resist or deter the need for change.
When we trust, we know all things change.
When we have faith, we realize, all change works together for Good.

Love is trust and freedom.
Loving is freeing others to change.
Loving is trusting the change will be beneficial.

Trusting and freeing change.

Betty Lue