Friday, December 20, 2013

The Time Is Now!

I freely share the Love and Joy in me.
I am loving everyone with everything I think and do and say.
I love myself, just as I AM.
I let go and choose to shine my Light and share my Love.

There is no better time than today…..
To say what you mean and mean what you say.
There is no better day than today….
To give your very best in how you work and play.

There is no greater moment than this one…
To finish with gratitude what you have begun.
There is no more precious give you can give….
Than to share the appreciation and love you have.

You see, there is only this moment.
This is your time to shine and declare.
In this moment as you breathe and read,
Wherever you are to feel and express the Love in you.

So often we wait, until its too late.
Why not say it now in your mind and heart.
That the best way to start remembering.
Love is what matters to everyone you know.

Love can be shared with a smile or a touch.
Love is received whether we see it or not.
Love can be given in a gift or special time.
Love may be how your help and serve and support.

It is time for you to take the time, 
a split second to remind yourself.
I appreciate.  I celebrate, I value You.
And when you do, you receive THE GIFT!

In your Love is The Light, The Light you seek!
In your DeLight is The Love, The Love you seek!
In the gifts you share, you will know and declare:
“I see and know the Light and Love in me.”

Goodness knows you have more to give.
Goodness sees you may have forgotten Thee.
Goodness knows there is more to show.
Goodness knows you have to let go.

Begin again this day,
To wash away the tears and fears, the disappointment and doubt.
Now is your time to sing and shout.
This is my time to shine and share the Love that has been waiting there inside.

I am loving you always in every way I see and feel, I hear and know.  
Betty Lue