Monday, December 16, 2013

Do You Talk about Others?

I keep my conversations private and confidential.
I forgive myself for talking about others.
I now choose to communicate directly with people, rather than about them.
I respect myself and others in what and say and to whom.

Do You Talk about Others? (Your kids,  family, friends, self?)

Do you keep confidences?
Do you tell stories about others?
Do you share what is really confidential?
Do you delight in talking about your kids?

Some folks gossip regularly without realizing it.
Some share stories about their husband or kids.
Some keep telling stories about themselves.
You may not realize how what you say will be repeated.

Others may remember the story.
Others may repeat the story.
What we hold in our minds is recreated in kind.
What we think and say, will create a “do-over”.

Often people do not realize that what we tell over and over is repeated hurt or attack.
You may not know that when you tell a story about someone, you are teaching this is their identity.
When you repeat the same stuff, you are just recreating the same thoughts and feelings.
When you forgive or erase what is past, you heal or clear or open to create a new experience.

 Do you want others to remember the Good you have done?
Then share only your appreciations and admirations.
Do you want others to think of your mistakes or forgive them?
Forgive yourself for repeating stories about you or others.

If I tell a story as a teaching or an example, ask permission of those you may mention.
If I am going to share something personal about my life, I ask Spirit or wisdom with me, if helpful.
If I find I have erred in who or how I told, I apologize and ask forgiveness for myself and the others.
If I talk about anyone or listen to gossip, I ask that all might be used only for the Highest Good. 
Do you want your children’s trust?
Do you want your kids to share with you?
Do you want to be able to help them?
Do you want to have their confidence in you?

Stop telling stories about your children’s errors.
Stop embarrassing your kids in front of others.
Stop repeating what they tell you to other mothers.
Stop sharing what is said in confidence.

Always respect their talking with kindness and confidence.
Start enjoying their trust in you and what they share.
If you need to share it with someone, ask permission.
I prefer to erase my mind with a loving response.
“Thanks for sharing. Thanks for trusting me.”

“If you cannot say something positive and helpful, do not say anything at all.”
The gossip in media, womens’ conversations about family and friends has taught falsely.
It is not healthy to talk about others.
It is not helpful to tell about your own personal like.

What you say, tell and repeat creates more of the same.
Somehow we have misunderstood.
The more you say it, the more you and others believe it.
The more we believe it, the more we create it.
The more we conceive, believe and say it, the more it will be repeated.

Stop repeating gossip.
Stop talking about others without their presence and permission.
Think before you speak,What is the value of meaning of what I am saying?”
“How will this be received and believed by the listener?

Loving us all as we clean up our act and truly respect ourselves and each other.

Betty Lue