Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Love Makes All Things New!

I come first in my life to love and cherish.
What is best for me is best for others.
When I love myself first, I love others best.
I choose to renew my Spirit daily and choose always to give my best.

Change your mind, change your life.
A new heart opens only to Love.
When we are renewed in Spirit, we see all things new.
A forgiving heart sees with eyes of love and appreciation.

Is it possible you can create the life you want by changing you thoughts, words and behavior?
Of course!
If life was a matter of luck or accident or victimization, how hopeless and helpless we would be.
Take responsibility and be “response able” for your thoughts, feelings, words and behavior.

Yes, you were taught things happen to you.
Yes, you believed you were victimized.
Yes, you have surrendered to helplessness.
Yes, you have doubted, feared and even resisted being responsible.

Instead of complaining, how about reclaiming your power to make changes?
Instead of worrying, how about believing and trusting that Good things will happen?
Instead of feeling guilty, how about forgiving and empowering yourself with new choices?
Instead of being allowing others to hurt your feelings, how about taking none of it personally?

When you love you, you will no longer allow unloving thoughts, feelings or behaviors.
When you love you, you take impeccable care of the whole of you and your life.
When you love you, you treat yourself with respect, trust and appreciation.
When you love you, you do not look outside yourself for the choices you make.

Take responsibility and respond to all things with love, kindness, respect.
Make healing and healthy choices for yourself and your relationships
Change the negative thoughts and change the unkind words.
Change your attitude and behavior and choices.

When we begin again with love, we will be conscious and consistent.
When we begin anew with appreciation, we will see all things new.
When we start over today, the first day, we will be open-minded.
When we really see without fear and judgment, we see a world that calls for Loving Reminders

When you are open and willing to be a loving reminder for yourself, you can easily be for others.
When you respect and trust your kind heart, you will stop all insanity and hurtful words and behavior.
When you know make a positive difference in your life, do it with gratitude and joy.
When you experience the learning and blessing in all things, you will accept the responsibility of choice.

You are created by love, as love, for the sole and soul purpose of loving.
You are created to create what is good and whole and Love.
You are a volunteer to be here to bring everything good and whole and true.
You are the gift of loving consciousness that you seek as partner in your life.

You are the Loving Reminder,
Betty Lue