Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Awake and Aware!

I am fully responsible for the quality of my life.
I easily let go of everything I use to numb or ignore what is mine to do.
I eagerly respond to whatever is needed and wanted with open-mindedness.
I no longer blame, deny or avoid my responsibilities.
I am willing to be, do and have whatever is needed to live my ideal life and have ideal relationships 

Are you numbing yourself?
Are you self medicating?
Are you shut down, depressed, ignoring or negligent?
Are you going to sleep on your life?

“Maybe if I don’t look, I won’t see what is wrong.
Maybe if I stay away, no one will bother me.
Maybe if I don’t ask, they won’t tell me what they need.
Maybe if I pretend to be distracted, asleep or out of it, I won’t feel anything.

The more I deny being responsible for my life, the more powerless I feel.
The more I blame others for my mistakes, the more I feel separate and alone.
The more I opt out of the relationships I have, the more I feel guilty for the pain I cause.
The more I pretend to not care and share, the more fear I have I will not be valued or loved.”

This may be how you think and feel at times!
This may be your cop out or opt out clause that renders you incapable, powerless and guilty.
This may be your way of coping with what you do not know how to do.
This may be a program you see others do which seems to work for them.

Now is your time to wakeup before it is too late!
Now is your chance to make the difference in your life.
Now is your opportunity to get sober and take responsibility.
Now is your moment to turn your whole life around.

Those who are aware can choose to change.
Those who are awake can do something helpful.
Those who show up and pay attention can see the truth.
Those who are Present can offer kindness, helpfulness, creativity.

Drugs and alcohol, even occasional or minimal, dull your thinking and responding.
Lulling yourself into fantasy or escapism merely puts out of mind what is yours to do.
Avoiding listening, feeling, clarifying, changing merely puts off the inevitable.
If you want your life to work for you, you need to be fully awake and aware.

Being too tired it no excuse.
Being fed up is no excuse.
Complaining is a waste of your valuable energy.
Blaming someone or something else is a cover-up.

You are responsible and able to respond in a respectful way.
You are capable of undoing what is wrong and creating what is right.
You are the one who can make the most effective positive changes in your life.
When you are clear mentally and emotionally, you can change anything for the Good.

I am here and available.
Call on me to teach, coach, counsel, inspire and enourage all your positive changes.

Believing in YOU! 
Betty Lue