Monday, October 28, 2013

Be Happy!

Happiness is my natural state.
I choose to be happy no matter what.
Life is a choice and I choose to live it with Joy.
I release all blocks to love, peace and joy.
I forgive negative and limited thinking.

What does it take to be happy?
·     Forgive everyone and everything.
·     Make a conscious consistent choice.
·     Live in present moment with appreciation.
·     Love yourself and your whole life.

Are you willing to be happy?
Do you know how to be happy?
Is happiness a desired state?
Are you willing to let go of misery, suffering, grief and disappointment?

When we are attached to our emotional state as an excuse, we may not be willing.
When we believe we cannot change how we feel, we may not be ready.
When we perceive what we believe is real and certain, we may be stuck.
When we get our needs met by being unhappy, we may not want to change.

Happiness is a choice.
Unhappiness is a choice.
Changing one emotional state to another may seem out of our ability.
Releasing one emotion in exchange for another may seem impossible.

Start practicing.
Exercise happiness muscles.
Learn to shift emotions at will.
Become an actress on the stage of life.

You will soon realize that an unhappy thought or image produces and unhappy feeling.
You will learn to use your mind to change your emotional state.
You will be aware that it is your thinking that creates your feelings.
You will experience that thoughts can be unconscious and subtle and still have emotional results.

Practice changing your emotional state by watching or imagining drama.
Practice changing? your feelings by finding something to make you laugh when you are angry.
Practice looking for anything to neutralize or calm feelings, when? you are being dramatic.
Learn how your mental stage, imagery, words and imagined outcomes affect your moods.

If you love the drama, use the emotions to be enthusiastic, appreciative, excited and in love.
If you want to feel bad, go ahead and do it, but leave the blame and negativity out of it.
“I don’t know why, but I just want to feel mad or blue or lonely today.”
When you don’t want to undo your emotional malaise, let others know not to help or fix you.

Consider the value of each emotional state, Happy or sad, angry or appreciative.
Look at what you want to experience and your belief about what it creates.
Become aware of your effect on others to respond with love or react in fear.
Choose consciously the outcome your would achieve with the emotion you are displaying.
When you discover emotions are a choice, you are free to choose what is effective for you.
When you choose the effect you seek, you can more consciously choose the emotional drama.
When you are free to choose your emotional state, you can be selective for the place and purpose.
You will choose emotions to enhance your energy, your health and the impact you seek on others.

Happiness is my choice.
I choose happiness and peace as my natural state.
When I am not happy, I know I have made a choice that is not on purpose for me.
When I feel in conflict, I forgive my error and seek to return to my natural state of peace.

My inner happiness makes my life fun, safe and easy,
Betty Lue

Randall wrote this over25 years ago.
Still Good for those who really want to be spiritually awake.
Being responsible for you whole life and your happiness is key..

God-Realization is being happy.
Fulfilling your mission is being happy.
No littleness, lack or limitation is being happy.
Creating your life your way is being happy.
Are you willing to look at what it would take for you to be happy?? Can you remember? ever? giving yourself the experience of perfect happiness—no cares,? worries, disturbances?? Is it possible you are here to learn to be willing to choose happiness for yourSelf?? Could it be that this life is a gift for you to explore and experiment,? to contemplate,? discriminate? and sort through what will bring you happiness and inner peace?
We are children.? This is our playground.? We are given unlimited resources and a loving parent saying "Yes".?? Are we still listening to the clamoring of unhappy friends who are not choosing their own perfect life?
Do you believe it is possible to have all you want and more? Then you are on your way to happiness.?? Now,? the next step is what do you want.?? When you see it,? have it and ask again.?? "Does this give me happiness?"? Some­times? a cookie is what I think I want and when I eat it,? I may still want more? and? eat? so many that I feel bad.?? The cookie was? merely? a? handy substitute? for what I thought I wanted.?? Therefore,? we often don't? know what we want because we have suppressed and covered our wants with? substi­tutes, addictions, defenses against the Truth.
For me,? life? is being born into a world of love,? safety? and? unlimited opportunity in which to experience and discover who I am and what I want in order to be happy.?? For me,? a community is an open arena of "Yes-ness" in which we can explore,? experiment,? discover and experience what we really want.? Living my life on purpose is a moment to moment experience of being, doing and having what is happy for me.?? Where I am confused, afraid, self-limiting,? I ask my internal Father and I am guided perfectly.?? My? father and mother love me and trust me totally to be happy.
I? notice? that where I am not choosing to be happy,? many others seems? to feel bad,? guilty and scared.? When I choose to be on purpose, in love and bubbling with happiness,? others around me are then not distracted? by my pain.?? They then notice their own.? Therefore, the highest gift of love we have to give each other is our total freedom to be happy.
I? not only am willing to be happy,? I choose to be happy every moment.?? I consciously choose to eliminate from my life those areas which do not offer me happiness and peace.?? Do you see that I am not free until you are free? We go together to perfect happiness.
I know Mother-Father God,? the loving parent, is here.? I know all is well. I? know God and His comfort and guidance are ever-present.?? I know all we have? to do is ask for help and open ourselves to receive what we need? and the? way? is shown.? I am here to show the way.? I am here? to? open? the possibility? of? being safe,? strong and free. I would love to? open? the possibility of unlimited playgrounds, games and experiences.
Can? you see that all things are possible?? There are no limits.? We have taught and learned that to be limited is to be safe.?? Can you see now that there? is no harm??? Everything is offered to us again and again until we choose what we really want.Can you see there is no lack?? There is an abundance of all resources.? We have merely chosen, in our fear of lack,? to create the appearance of lack, Can? you? see that no one is little or less??? Everyone? is? great.? Every aspect has value to the whole.? We have merely chosen to diminish or exalt ourselves.? When anyone is not whole and free, I cannot be either.
I? challenge you to contemplate—"What brings me true happiness and? inner peace?"?? For? me,? community? is an opportunity to come together? in? the Spirit of freedom and learn to trust that we can choose to be happy and set others free to be happy too.
Let's? go do something fun together or? alone.? Solitary? play,? parallel play,? cooperative? play—all have their place and time.?? We can? create anything we want to play—play house,? play doctor (healer),? play? store, play with colors and sounds,? be silly, play school.? When we don't want to play? any more,? we stop and do something else.? Games are "child's? play" only when they are fun.? So let's choose games that are fun.
When I play school (Reunion Living Ministry), I will make the game simple,? easy and light.?? The only grades are what we give ourselves - the gifts? of awakening,? freedom from comparison and judgment.?? I only? enjoy creative? paperwork,? so I will have only creative paperwork.?? I am not? a lover of history,? so I won't keep records.? This will be a present moment school in which teachers and students are listening and learning from their inner wisdom every moment.
What do you want to play?
Living a "routine" life is patterned by our culture and? habits.? Becoming aware of better ways to live awakens us to the possibility of more freedom, joy, love, creative expression and sense of well-being and wholeness.
?Allow those habits which no longer have value to drop away. 
Enjoy? and receive from those activities and experiences and? relationships which continue to feed you and serve your Highest Good.

Written by Randall Keller about 1987