Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What’s This For?

Affirmations are designed to clear away anything that stands in our way.
You will not believe them (they feel like lies) initially or you would not need them.
They are to be written and spoken until all denials, distractions, justifications and excuses are erased.
Affirmations are to forgive and erase every mistake, misperception or misunderstanding with love.

Everything is for my own best interest.
I am responsible for everything I experience.
I know what is best for me and I always choose the best.
I trust and respect myself for the decisions I make.

Why me?
What do I do now?
How upsetting?
Why do I have to deal with this world?

Everything is a lesson or a blessing.
Every upset is a wakeup call.
Every difficulty or delay has something to teach us.
Every encounter has the potential for a blessing or a healing.

Each moment in life is an opportunity to learn and teach, to give and receive, to heal and be healed.
All our relationships, especially the difficult ones, have something to teach or reveal what we need to heal.
Our lives are perfectly designed for us, by the part of us that wants to be whole and happy and free.
We can avoid, deny, pretend, blame and complain or we can accept, learn, heal, forgive and appreciate.

There is nothing we cannot do, when we decide to have and give always and only Goodness.
There is always the call to change, rearrange, respect, take responsibility and learn to let go and flow.
There is the certainty of success when we let our thoughts of quitting, doubt and fear go and persist.
Life is a challenge to help us grow in focus, and faith, courage and confidence, knowledge and wisdom.

We are here to learn.
Learn what it takes to be happy and peaceful.
Learn what it takes to be free and at choice.
Learn what it takes to love ourselves and feel good about our choices.

We will never be content until we learn to choose wisely and well.
We will not be without guilt until we learn to consider everyone in our decisions.
We will not be complete until we learn to accept and understand the bigger picture.
We will not succeed until we have agreed that our life is our canvas and we always have “do-overs”

Seek guidance from within.
Listen for the place of peace and love.
Forgive all choices that you feel are unfair or deny you and others your best.
Understand that the anxious feelings are your conscience trying to give you a message.

Stop using and abusing addictions, medications and distractions to forget or numb the message.
Messages for each of us get stronger when we refuse to listen within.
You may thing you know what is right, but you may be wrong and cover it with denial and distraction.
You may find yourself in difficulties, problems and pain, because you have not respected your conscience.

If anything haunts you, or repeats itself, in health, finances, relationships or mistakes, it is a message!
If you neglect, deny or project the cause onto someone else, you will not handle, receive the message.
It is time to sit in quiet for awhile.  Stop talking and just be still.  Breathe and let go.
Ask, What can I do? And listen for what comes to you.

Have the courage to know, if you are not at peace, there is a missing piece.
Be responsible for doing what you can because you care.
Honor your conscience by doing what you know is right and best for all concerned.
Always appreciate your willingness to do whatever it takes to be happy within yourself.

Loving you,  
Betty Lue

Handling Criticism  ( written several years ago)

Every upset is always a wakeup call.
All wakeup calls are invitation to get on purpose.
Our purpose is to live in integrity with our mission and principles.
When we are fully being  true to our authentic self ,no one can upset or hurt us. 

Every criticism is always about the critic.
We can listen and be grateful for them telling their truth, their belief, their projection.
When we take it personally, we are acknowledging that we have some guilt.
When we are offended, we are confessing that we are not wholly on purpose and at peace.

When my buttons are pushed ( when I have a reaction) to what has been said, it is mine to heal.
When I am hurt or offended, I need to stop and listen to how I can respond to myself with love.
When I am defensive, attacking, upset, I need to take stock of what is the truth for me.
Always I can be aware that the critic is talking about their own need and I can forgive them.

When we hear a criticism or what we judge to be an attack, we can best forgive it all.
When we feel attacked or criticized personally, we can simply apology for the upset.
When we listen within for how best to respond, we can hear what is really needed.
The critic is always describing themselves and expressing their own need to heal.

What we give to another is given to ourselves.
When we offer forgiveness and healing to a brother, we are offering healing to ourselves.
There is no harm in doing no harm.
There is continuing upset when we try to be right.

Where we have guilt, we will be vulnerable.
When we are not true to ourselves, we can be hurt.
When we have blamed another, we will fear being blamed.
When we are afraid of someone or something, we have not yet forgiven.

All upsetting experiences are lessons, reminders or wakeup calls.
All difficulties are challenges which we can learn from.
All seeming offenses are opportunities to realign our principles and purpose.
In our defenselessness, our safety lies.

When we have nothing to hide with no secrets and no fears of being judged, criticism is a call for help.
When we are free from judging, blaming and making anyone wrong, we respond always with kindness.
When we are willing to give what we want to receive, we respond with respectful listening and love.
When we are open to giving what will bring peace and harmony to all, we forgive and love again.

And so it is, we learn and expand our capacity for Loving Kindness,
Betty Lue