Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quality Time

I demonstrate my love with time, attention and gratitude.
I love the ones I am with everyday in everyway.
The more I love and respect others, the more they love and trust me and themselves.
Relationships work, when I give my appreciation and affection.

World Gratitude Day

When we lose connection with those we love, it is our job to reconnect.
When we cannot hold a conversation with our child, it is time to reconnect.
When we lose sight of what really matters to our spouse, it is time to reconnect.
When we recognize our family has lost its way, it is time to reconnect.

People, young and old, get in trouble and have problems to get our attention.
Kids often have trouble in school, withdraw or get sick to have someone show they care.
Couples stop talking, laughing and planning their future when there is a disconnection.
Families let go of spending any quality time together when they are busy doing for themselves.

We each have our own past programming from what we experienced in our families of origin.
We observe what others do and what is on TV and what we believe is true.
We get caught in taking care of ourselves and forget about the others we are to care for.
We may even forget and neglect simple sharing and conversation with those we love.

Quality time, one on one, with each person in our family is essential to build trust and respect.
Giving our spouse and each child, even five minutes before bedtime, is beneficial to everyone.
When we cannot find the time daily, take an outing, walk, hike, bike ride or just sit and talk.
When we feel awkward being with anyone, it is because we have lost connection and feel guilt.

Whatever we see needs to be done, it is ours to do.
Whatever we believe will build a better relationship, it is ours to do.
Whatever we imagine will bring back love and trust, it is ours to do.
When we find ourselves blaming or making them responsible, it is ours to heal.

Everyone needs to feel important.
Everyone wants to feel loved.
Everyone deserves quality time.
Everyone is worth your time of nurturing and nourishing the relationship.

When relationships lose connection, they lose their direction.
When your life isn’t going the way you want,you need to reconnect with You!
When your partner and you lose the closeness and intimacy, you need to reconnect/
When kids seem lost or out of control, you need to reconnect.

Everyone wants to love and be loved.
You are the one to initiate quality time.
This means, no interruptions, no phone or TV.
You can give each special person at home your undivided attention even for a few minutes each day.

Our lives are busy and full.
Our lives have stresses and challenges.
Our choices are important.
There is no choice more important than to love the ones you are with.

I spend quality time just with you and me each and everyday writing these Loving Reminders. 
You are my sunshine and the deLight of my life.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue