Monday, July 29, 2013

Are You Where You Want To Be?

I am here to be truly helpful.
My life supports me in living my purpose.
I love being fully alive and freely sharing my gifts.
I am here to relinquish all apparent blocks to Love.

Are you happy with yourself and your life?
Have you accomplished what you set out to do?
Is it time for something new to choose for you?
Are you willing to set new goals and grow into them?

Often people work hard to get where they are.
Once the goals are accomplished they quit or retire.
Often folks plan for a future where they get to do nothing.
Sometimes they decide what they will do, when……..

If there is nothing more for you to go for, why keep going?
If you are done with life as you have created it, what now?
When you are complete, are you secretly waiting for the end?
Can you imagine a life in paradise or heaven or retirement?

Has your get up and go, given up and went?
Are you out of fresh ideas and ideals?
Have you stopped dreaming and scheming?
Have you quit on yourself and your life?

I notice when anyone quits, their physical, mental, emotional and social life fades away.
I have observed those who lack meaning and purpose, are adrift in the sea of life. 
I recognize that a lire without purpose and meaning may seem worthless and empty.
If this describes you, it is time to wake up and choose again.

Help someone.
Look for the good stuff.
Have some fun. 
Realize your old life is done.

Things have changed.
We can have many lifetimes in one:
Many jobs and many different places to live.
Many relationships and many different ways to give.

It is likely when you think you are finished, you have only just begun.
It is possible you have satisfied your own ambitions and now it is time to give.
Life is meant to be lived, to burn out and not rust out.
Have more adventures, meet new people, learn something of value.

Here is a process that may be good for you to take your time to do.
Make long lists on one page each.  
When complete, put the pages away and come back in one year to see how much you have fulfilled!  You will be amazed how simply writing it down begins the process.
Things I have always wanted to be and never been:
Things I have always wanted to do and have never done:
Things I have always wanted to have and have never given myself:
Projects left incomplete.:
Communications never delivered:
Promises made and not kept:
Plans made and not fulfilled:
Ways I have not lived true to myself:

Where we are not done, we are incomplete until we have fully played our part.
We are not done, until we have finished our holy assignments.
We are incomplete, until we have forgiven and created peace in all relationships.
We are not done, until we are truly done.

Living fully and freely is giving our all until we are done,
Betty Lue

Prayer Song
May all Beings walk in Beauty.
May all Beings live with Grace.
May all Beings share their Wisdom.
May all Beings give with Faith.

May all Beings hear their message.
May all Beings teach with respect.
May all Beings learn their teaching.
May all Beings forgive to resurrect.

May we all remember our own Heart Song.
May we all remember to be true.
May we all remember to give with humility.
May we all remember You are Me and I Am You.

Betty Lue, February 13,  2013