Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Solstice

Affirmations for you:
Learning is fun, safe and easy for me.
I easily and quickly forgive every missed understanding or learning.
I forgive myself for holding anyone hostage with resentment, guilt, fear or worry.
I release any ignorance and open to wisdom and delight.
I no longer need loud alarms: I wakeup and learn quickly and easily

Time of the longest day.
Time of the greatest light.
Time of great heat and passion.
Time to expose all that is hidden.

Here at the beginning of summer is a time, when we often expose our hidden secrets and passions.
Here is the time when we can expose great insights and new understandings and loves.
Now it the time to do the cleanup from all the leftovers, garbage, clutter and unhealed stuff.
And yes, it may be now that we clarify what is interfering, blocking and holding us back from our Truth.

Remember, everything upsetting, uncomfortable and difficult is a wakeup call.
See life as a university in which we are realizing our unlimited potential to graduate.
Recognize relationships, health, career, emotions, spirituality are classes we are taking.
Understand that the exams are the challenges we face and how we handle them with success or failure.

We are always in the school of life.
We are constantly being invited to grow in wisdom, to expand our service, to deepen our caring.
When we are mastering this life, we flow with whatever comes our way.
When we are faltering or going unconscious, we feel victimized by circumstances.

When experiencing challenges in life, do you ask deeply “What is the value in this?”
When having conflicts, do you invite the question, “How do I respond to bring peace?”
When having difficulties understanding, ask “What is the Highest Truth for me to realize?”
When holding guilt or resentment, do you query, “What am I to learn from this?”

All of us are in school together.
Each student of life is learning their own unique lessons.
We are not here to get others to do our homework for us.
We are here to share and care and help and teach and learn together.

When we have learned the lessons, we move on.
When we have found peace, we have new understanding.
When we have completed our exams, we step into a new grade.
Life provides the lessons we need to learn to be able and willing to teach.

Teachers are always learning.
Teachers respond to each student t with guidance, wisdom, silence, forgiveness, support and love.
Teachers may simple live the Truth they are learning.
Teachers will always be blessed by the lessons they are learning and teaching.

Lessons are always helpful.
Lessons provide inspiring truths, insight, encouragement, gifts, awakening and renewal of understanding.
Lessons when seen with open mind and forgiving heart offer great compassion and forgiveness.
Lessons are the way we learn to choose always and only for the high way, the way of good for all.

Loving us each and all in our individualized learning and Self Realization,
Betty Lue

Helpful Questions to Ponder:
What am I learning?
Where am I blocking awareness, resisting responsibility or holding fear to block enlightened learning?
How can I release my judgments and fears and allow myself to move on quickly and easily?
Am I willing to listen within and trust my inner guidance and inspired understanding?

Meditation Retreat at the Reunion Lake House and Hermitage.  July 5-6
For greater Self Awareness and Realization.
Contribution Basis.