Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making Wise Decisions

Affirmation: Love is letting go of fear.
I easily let go and love again.
I gently forgive and release all fear.
I trust that all things work together for Good.

Full Moon on May 24 at 9.24PM PDT

There are cycles and seasons in life.
Pay attention to the changes in all things.
Be aware of your changing thoughts and attitudes.
Understand your moods and emotions.

Accept that everyone is changing all the time.
Nothing stays the same.
When we make decisions based on permanence, we are mistaken.
When we decide based on accepting and allowing change, we flow,

Are you flowing with what is?
Do you allow for your own dynamics?
Are you accepting or others exploration?
Do you notice how easily people move on?

When we are attached, we may feel hurt, angry, betrayed.
When we are allowing, we may feel curious, accepting and freeing.
When we demand explanation, it may not be forthcoming.
When we disagree with the changes, we may never understand.

Wise decisions come when we stay present in the moment.
Wisdom is best experienced when we listen within for answers.
Trust is realized, when we release with forgiveness and judge nothing.
Freedom is given and received when we know what is best for all is Love.

The tides change as the moon changes.
Moods changes with the changing seasons and cycles.
Life energy changes as we travel through time.
Love’s expression changes as we understand the value of relationship.

The choice can be made doing what seems to feel right.
The decision can be made by going with the flow.
The choice we make can come from within, inspired Guidance.
The decision can be to do what is Highest and Best for all concerned.

Everyday in everyway we can choose with Wisdom and Love.
In all relationships we can ask:, what am I to give and receive?
We can seek to live by what we value and the principles we hold?
Even in this, through life we change what we think and feel and know.

When we are aware of how our choices affect others, we can communicate with respect.
When we acknowledge our mistakes, we can forgive ourselves and choose again for what is “right”.
When we are uncertain, we can wait until we are secure in the knowledge of the Good.
When we are trusting in God, wisdom within, Higher Power, we can listen and follow, inner guidance.

Take time to step back and wait.
Give yourself time to reflect, envision and seek the Highest goal.
Keep your agreements and change them consciously with respect for all concerned.
Depend on the enduring Love of the Eternal Creator and Source of Goodness for all.

I listen within for the Guidance I know to be true leading me always to be loving to you,
Betty Lue

I simply ask: 
Who Am I right now?
How can I give what is truly helpful?
What is working? 
And What is not working?