Thursday, April 04, 2013

Take Time for You!

We are in South Lake Tahoe with family for three days this week.
Then home to Hidden Valley Lake for two days and Sunday 4/7 in Brentwood for our Unity service.
Then off to Hawaii for 12 days. 4/7-4/19.  
While on sabbatical I will be editing the next book for publisher. 
We take time for nature, swimming, walking, T’ai Chi Chih and simple healthy diet , lots of writing, reading and  time for inner connection. 
We always have fun, appreciating and enjoying ourselves and each other.  
We have created a good life of doing good, being good and havving plenty of Goodness.  
Try it.  You will like it!
Betty Lue

Take Time for You!

Whether you are super Mom or single parent or trying to work and take care of your whole family, there seems to be “no time”. I know you can make time and take time. 

Take time and Make Time!
Time in the bathroom for affirmations and prayer.
Time as you are waking up to remember your purpose for the day.
Time as you are driving your car (no texting or cell phone!) to listen within, breathe deep and appreciate.
Time as you are sitting down for a meal at the table, your desk or in the kitchen to say a blessing.
Time as you are looking at the sky, the sun, the spring flowers to fill your self with love for the beauty.
Time as you are answering the phone to say, “Whoever you are, I bless you.”
Time as you are standing in line at the grocery store, to smile with love at a child, the checker or those in line.
Time as you are cooking dinner to be grateful for your family and the food and the one preparing the food.
Take time to nurture you and those around you with a cup of tea or listen to favorite music.
Take time to snuggle with your partner or your child or your pet.
Take time to take a walk at breaks or lunch time or in between clients.
Take time to write a thank you note or send a special appreciative email.
Take time to read or watch something inspiring.
Take time to be grateful even as you fall asleep at night.
Take time to say hello and goodbye with loving attention.
Remember, every time you give your best to another, you are blessing yourself.

Stop wasting time!
Stop spending time on meaningless activities.
Stop wasting time on the phone gossiping or criticizing.
Stop wasting time nagging or complaining to your family and friends.
Stop wasting time wishing for what you want and just do what you want to do.
Stop wasting time filling your time with texting, tweeting and internet surfing.
Stop wasting your time worrying and use your time to affirm and bless and appreciate.
Stop wasting your time watching meaningless TV or staying in bed doing nothing.
Stop wasting your time preparing for the worst and use your time to create the Best.
Stop wasting your time talking with negative people about negative and fearful stuff.
Stop wasting your time arguing and fighting and making everyone miserable.
Stop wasting time wanting to do something to better your life.  Get up and just do it.
Stop wasting your time regretting the past and use your time envisioning your future.
Stop wasting your time feeling sorry for yourself and start creating the live you really want.
Remember, every time you complain, you drain your emotional bank account with yourself and others.

I am efficient with my  use of time. I make every moment count, because it does. It is keeping my priorities straight that is the key.  Loving you and loving me as we seek and find better ways to be.
Betty Lue