Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why Would You Have Chosen the Life You Have?

Today’s reminder was written last Saturday when I was inspired by several emails from readers.

I am responding this AM to the latest disturbing news in Boston and Korea and the energy I feel.
Where there is lack of love, there is a call for love.
Where there is conflict, upset and pain, there is a call for peace.
Where there is people crying out with fear, anger and hurt, there is a reminder to Love.

Love is enough.
Love in action.
Love in contribution.
Love in forgiveness.
Love in spirituality.
Love in gratitude.
Love in faith.

Each one of us carries a Great Light.
Every one of us offers Healing Love.
All of us together can heal the pain and reveal the problem.
Where there is harm to anyone, there is fear, ignorance, insanity, desperation and forgetting.

Let us together, right where we are, commit to bring peace, knowledge, sanity, comfort, faith and remembering.
We can all make a difference!  Let us together remember to Love One Another and be truly helpful to one and all.
Betty Lue

April 16, 2013 Loving Reminders

Why Would You Have Chosen the Life You Have?

Does your life reveal what you need to heal?
Have you chosen to experience what you need to learn?
Are you here to help and heal those you were born to be with?
Can you imagine you have chosen to realize the Love You Are?

Is there something or someone to forgive?
Is there a life you have been longing to live?
Is there a piece to see and be yet unlived ?
Can you imagine that this whole life is for your Good?

When we give up judging, avoiding and blaming, we recognize the Real reason for our Being.
When we let go of making them wrong or wishing it were different, we can see the whole picture.
When we undo the stories we have made up, we begin to create the picture we want to be.
When we cease making bad or wrong or scary, we can see the light of truth and Good in what is.

Have you lost confidence, security, trust and faith?
If you have lost faith with yourself, you may experience a feeling of weakness, sorrow, depressions, grief, fear, dependency, regret or guilt, resentment or blame,  
To have faith with something or someone is to have confidence in them.
To have faith with yourself is to have confidence in  yourself. 

Confidence comes from keeping our agreements and promises with ourselves.
When we fail to take impeccable care of ourselves first, keeping our faith with ourselves, we lose strength, trust and confidence.
Forgive yourself for your self-forgetting and remind yourself that you Love You first, last and always.
Forgive and erase all the reasons , excuses and justifications that have confused and distracted you.

Consider, that you may have chosen this life and the circumstances therein.
Ask what would be the healthy reasons for choosing these parents and this life.
What have you learned and taught?
What have you given and received?
How will you realize the gift of You?
When will you make your own dreams come true?

You are the Gift.
You are the Healer.
You are the Beloved.
You are the Holy One.

I know it is true, even when you forget.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Our lives are meant to be gifts to ourselves and to others.