Monday, April 29, 2013

Abundance Mentality: Giving is the Key to Abundance!

Abundance comes from trusting there is always enough.
Prosperity comes from sharing what you have.
Feeling rich comes from never worrying about lack.
Change your mind to appreciate what you have.

I grew up having little things and little money, but I never noticed.
My parents were happy and in love so our family experience was rich.
We never knew lack, because my mother could live simply.
She knew how to make new clothes from second hand clothes.
We ate and appreciated variations of velveta cheese and pasta and goulash.
We made our own fun at home, playing games and talking.  (no TV until I was 10),

There was always plenty of encouragement to help and give to others.
My whole family volunteered with kids, elders, neighbors and at church.
We all understood how to be grateful and happy with what we had.
I was never taught or encouraged to want or ask for more.
I was always shown and invited to give to others with my time, energy, resources and love.
Life always felt rich with loving, learning, laughing, letting go and experiencing more fun.

It comes naturally to me to share everything I have.
I want those around me to feel happy with their lives.
My world is always better when I am with those who are happy too!
To share is to dare to care, and give what I can to those who want.

I also have learned to teach in order to reach out helping people find their own abundance.
When we are needy we can be greedy.
When we are giving, we experience abundant living.
When we withhold, we never have enough.

If you want more love, give more love to everyone all the time, in every way.
If you want more money, share your money through conscious investment, contribution, spending.
If you want more appreciation, be thankful for everything you have and give and those around you.
If you want more respect and kindness, give more respect and kindness everyday.

What we give, we receive.
When we complain, we hear and feel and have more complaints.
When we share good news, we hear and feel and have more good news.
Life is simply a reflection of what we are giving and creating with our thoughts, words and deeds.

When we understand the SECRET to abundant Love and Goodness, we will always give what we want.
Notice and observe your thoughts, choices, and words and you will see the truth in Abundant Living!
Encouraging us all to live with appreciation for the Abundant Goodness that is ours.
Betty Lue

And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in abundance for every good work. II Corinthians 9:8

Reminders for Abundant Living

The cost of giving is receiving.
What you “own”, owns a piece of you.
Only have as much as you can care for responsibly.
Let go of what is distraction, burden or duty.
Fear-based ownership yields more anxiety.
Love-based possession yields more joy.
No worry.  No criticism.  No arguing.
No waste.  Use it all or don’t buy it.
Establish a step by step plan and follow it.
Set policies of fairness and effectiveness and live by them. 
Borrow nothing and use no credit cards (unless you can pay it off easily and quickly).
Save for what matters most and give to what inspires and motivates you—FIRST.
Live on what is left.
Spend only on what you need. (Wants are for special rewards and when there is plenty.)
Wait at least 24 hours before indulging in what you “want”.  (Ask if still want to pay the price.)
When debts are paid, give yourself and family members a small allowance for pleasure. (less than 1%) 
Forgive quickly, when mistakes are made.
Appreciate every penny earned or received.
Be conscious of every penny spent or given or saved.  
Heal earning and spending habits.
Make changes with conscious attention and appreciation.
Money is a symbol for security, freedom, power, achievement, prestige, respect, acquisition, control or philanthropy.  
Be creative in finding a better way to create the same experience without depending on $$.

Homework Exercise:
How much have you earned in your lifetime?
How much have you spent and saved?
How much do you really “Need” to live simply?
Knowing what you know now what would you do differently?
Can you make the decision to learn from your experience and make changes now?

Write out your contract to yourself now, sign and date it.