Sunday, December 09, 2012

What Do You Really Want?

You say you want peace.
What are you doing to create peace in your life?
You say you want respect and cooperation.
What are you doing to be respectful and to cooperate with others?

You say you want loving relationships.
What are you doing to be loving in all your relationship?
You say you want to be happy.
What are you doing to create happiness for yourself?

You say you will do whatever it takes.
What are you unwilling to do?
You say you want to be healthy.
What are you willing to let go of thinking, saying and doing to see your wholeness?

You say you want to be responsible for your life.
Where are you blaming someone or something else for yout life?
You say you want to get what you deserve.
Where are you seeking to get rather than to give?

You say you want many things.
You wish for life to be better.
You want to have the relationship of your desires.
You seek what seems to be good for you.

Have you asked yourself how you are blocking it?
Have you sought to find the gift in what you have?
Have you denied your own choice in the matter?
Have you looked within to see how you are in the way?

It seems we have been taught and believe that Life happens to us.
We may have been told that we attract what we want.
We may still believe there is an external Force who helps us or hurts us.
We may blame another or feel guilty about what we have and have not.

There are no victims.
We are all volunteers.
We have volunteered for the healing assignments which we experience.
We are here to set the goal, do the work and trust in the outcome.

This human experience is not for the faint hearted or the unwilling ones.
Our lives are truly our responsibility.
Our thoughts and words matter and create.
Our choices and communication, our attitudes and actions,  are creating our experience.

Forgiveness is the magic eraser.
When you don’t want what you have, forgive it thoroughly and quickly.
Awareness without judgment is healing and clearing.
Where we judge ourselves or others or the experience, it sticks and stays active.

Life is meant to be the place where we wake up, take responsibility and remember we are creating.
Life is our golden age of realizing our self-response-ability to undo what is not Good and True.
Life is the space of freedom and trust where we can remember Perfect Love and return to Wholeness.
Life is our own experiential laboratory to practice the universal laws of creation and manifestation.

Choose now for God.
Choose now for Good.
Choose now for Forgiveness.
Choose now for Love.

Loving Us, the One We Are.
Serving Us, All as One.
Remember Goodness and God in every One.
Betty Lue

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