Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Are You Open and Willing for Change?

Are you ready for change?
Life is change.
Change is inevitable.
Those who are not ready will resist change.

The rigid may break with change.
The flexible yield to change.
The unwilling fight for the same.
The willing embrace the changes.

The fearful and controlling fear change.
The trusting and freeing enjoy change.
The depressed and stuck resist change.
The happy and open flow with change.

Relationships change.
Jobs change.
Weather changes.
Bodies change.
Seasons change.
Time changes.
Information changes. 
Ideas change.
Politics change.
Lives change.
Transportation changes.
Research changes.
 “Good” changes.
Inspiration changes.
Foods change.
Media changes.
Definitions change.
Humor changes.
Music changes.
Everything changes.

The flexible are less vulnerable.
The flexible are less likely to get hurt.
The flexible flow with what is different.
The flexible become more flexible as they yield to change.
The flexible adapt to change to succeed.
The flexible are adventous and open to possibilities.
The flexible are trusting and freeing of themselves and others.

The rigid are resistant and vulnerable.
The rigid are easily hurt.
The rigid resent and resist what is difference.
The rigid may become more rigid in their resistance and stuckness.
The rigid are unable to adapt and often fail.
The rigid are afraid of new possibilities.
The rigid are suspicious and controlling of themselves and others.

What do you choose to be?
What do you want to feel and experience?
How can you clear the fear and resistance?
What are you willing to do to become more resilient?
Are you willing to adapt to change for fun, safety and ease?

Trusting that freedom to change yields the Highest Good for All,
Betty Lue

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Betty Lue