Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stop Wasting Time and Energy

Stop using up precious asking “Why?”
Stop wasting your energy blaming someone.
Stop making yourself miserable feeling guilty.
Stop trying to justify how you are right.

These create delay in moving forward.
These create roadblocks to healing.
These inhibit opportunities to learn.
These limit progress and getting what you want.

Life invites us to choose a new path anytime we want.
Relationship provide learning ground to find a better way.
When we plant a seed or idea that does not take or grow, stop and find a better way.
Do not keep trying the same approach again and again and expect it to work.

Every unhappy moment is a time we can choose for happiness.
Every upsetting relationship is a wakeup call to find a better way.
Every disease or pain is a place we can choose again for the path of health.
Every disaster is simply a call for: “How Can I be helpful?”

Life is a learning laboratory.
We are looking for what works.
Even if you have tried 1000 ways, the next one may turn on the light.
When we waste time trying to understand why it didn’t work, we may get stuck in fear and judgment.

What can I do?
How can I think and speak and act?
What is another possibility?
How can I expand my creative solutions?
What do I need to know or understand?
How can I let go of my judgments and fears?
Where can I be open to another way of seeing this?
Who might give me the knowledge that I seek?
Could I ask directly for what I want?
What else can I try?
Am I truly willing for success?
What can I do differently?
How can I be more kind and compassionate?
Where am I stuck and how can I quickly release my stubbornness?

There are infinite opportunities for success in healing, learning, growing, achieving, succeeding.
If at first you don’t succeed, try another way.
It is only those who keep pushing for their way, who get stuck in what doesn’t work.
Change your mind and point of view and you will see  all things differently.

Blessing us all in our willingness to let go and choose again,
Betty Lue