Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

“Hallowed evening” “Sacred Evening” before Nov. 1 All Soul’s Day and Nov2, All Saint’s Day. 
Lots of history when you google it for those who want to know.
For most, it simply means a time for children to dress in costumes and masks and ask for treats.
For some who remember, there were tricks like soaping windows or scaring people or parties with contests for best costume or just plain lots of fun carving pumpkins and eating candy.

Learn to celebrate each day is a gift to yourself and those around you.
Let life be a treat of delight and gratitude, even when you let yourself be “tricked”.
We are children, when we are not responsible for ourselves and our emotions.
We are ignorant, when we close our eyes to the shifts and changes that happen.

The Giants won the World Series.
I believe they won because they enjoyed playing the game together.
When we play the game of life as teammates, working cooperatively, everyone wins.
When we enjoy simply playing without worrying about the final outcome, we have fun everyday.

Everyone was warned about the megastorm coming.
Some chose not to evacuate and to ride out the storm.
Some chose to prepare for the worst and trust in the outcome.
Some chose to leave for safer ground and watch from a safe place.

We all can be happy playing the game of life, win or lose.
We all can ride out the storms in life or step away to safe ground.
We all have choice about how we do our lives.
We all have choices about what we believe and achieve.
We all wear masks and costumes and play trick or treat.
We all can spend life complaining or celebrating.
We all can use our time and money to work or play, waste or share.
We all can cultivate our talents and resources or deny or let them decay.

What you do with your life is always your choice.

We just came home to our Lake House home and community last night.
It feels good to share our Hermitage home with those who have need.
It satisfies us to know we have a Positive Living Center here  to serve Lake County.
Our winter garden, our friends, our Friday eve Mexican train game for anyone who wants to join us.
Our two labyrinths and peace poles, hot air balloons, the natural beauty of  lake and mountains and woods.
The open sky, fresh air and simple town and  few stores, the changing color of the autumn trees.
Life provides all of us with so much good when we are willing to choose what is Good for us.

What is your story?
Are you happy and content with your life?
Is it time to choose again?
Do you know what you really want?

You will not have what you want until you know what it is.
The simplest way to find out is to let go of what you don’t want right now.
You must make room, time, money, energy and quiet, to explore and discover.
You must first complete your agreement with what you have created.
Completion comes with taking full responsibility without blame or guilt.
Be honest about what works for you and let the rest go with gratitude.

Loving us all in choosing again.
Take off your costume and mask.
Look in the mirror, the reflection of your life and choose.
To respect your self is to look again…and see things differently.

Loving you, loving you.
Loving you loves us all.
Betty Lue