Friday, August 24, 2012

Resisting Truth Hurts

“Sometimes Truth Hurts and Then It Sets Us Free!”
Years ago I saw this poster and was set free.
No need to be nice.  
Be clear and concise in speaking with others.
Receive everything as a gift and it is.

Know that what others think of me is none of my business, unless it is.
Honor that the other is always talking about themselves and their beliefs and perceptions.
Recognize that if it hurts, it has value for me to see and heal something in me.
Open the door to learning more and explore how it is a past unhealed wound in me.

I know am free in giving and receiving truth as I hear it from within.
I receive what I give and apply it to myself.
I share what is an invitation to reveal and heal a part of humanity in you and me.
I recognize how much we each need freedom and trust to share our “truth” to hear it.

Can you imagine how we each have a piece of the whole picture?
When we withhold our piece, our part is missing..
When we may be fearful to share, because we don’t want them to share with us. 
We hold ourselves separate and feel guilty, and fearful of being attacked.

What happens if I share only the Good stuff?
What happens if I come only from my Holiness?
What happens if I speak only that which is comfortable?
Is it possible I am protecting you and me from what needs to be healed?

To reveal is to heal.
To feel hurt is to acknowledge the wound.
To recognize what is calling for Love provides direction.
To realize I am the healer and the one calling for healing is Grace.

Life provides many opportunities for telling truth.
When I am afraid, I may withhold or I may project truth as attack.
When I am in Love, I share “Truth” with freedom and trust.
When I receive the Truth I share, I am healed in my willingness to call for Healing and Wholeness.

Relationships are all for the purpose of healing.
What are we healing but our separation from the Goodness of God.
Our purpose here is to clear all fear and live with an intention to know the Good in All.
Our function is to forgive all the ways we have misperceived and falsely believes we are not.

And so it is, we grow in knowing the Truth.
And so it is, we give up our need to be right.
And so it is, we surrender to remember Love.
And so it is, we undo all that is not True.

Loving you as the One I AM and You Are and We Are when we remember,
Betty Lue