Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fulfill Your Potential

Remember, you are unique.  If that has not been fulfilled, something wonderful has been lost.”
Martha Graham

Give your gifts.
Live your Truth.
Express your ideals.
Enjoy your creations.

To wake up inspired and share our best each day motivates giving and living fully.
To go to sleep grateful for the good we have shared and received brings peace to our minds.
When we remember to give fully with joy and withhold nothing of value, we are satisfied.
When we realize expressing Love freely and receiving Love fully is our calling, we are happy.

Some believe life is predestined.
Some think life is what we make it.
Some see life is unlimited in possibilities.
Some say life is our creation.

Whatever it is, we create our experience according to our thoughts and beliefs, our judgments and feelings.
We have an experience of life and use it or abuse it, enhance it or destroy it.
We can change our mind and our direction at any time.
We can undo pain and gain wisdom.
We can learn from every experience.
We can practice attracting and repelling.
We can join or detach.
We can attract or avoid.
We can cling or let go.
We can forgive or resent.
We can feel blessed or cursed.
Each experience we choose has its own thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

What are you doing with your life?
Are you living it fully?
Do you know what you are learning and teaching?
Are you coasting or climbing?
Are you giving to get or giving with joy?
Are you smiling at the mystery or fearing what will come next?

With practice, we discover life is malleable, fluid and ever changing.
We can play with our lives and use them for fun.
We can hate our lives and feel abused and confused.
We can create good with our lives and feel abundantly blessed.

Whatever you have, use it well and be grateful for the freedom to choose.
Loving us in our choices.
Betty Lue