Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mission, Purpose, Principles

Inspired by a reader of Loving Reminders, I wrote the following for myself and to those who might benefit. 

Are you living true to your own values?
Are you aware of your life purpose?
Do you have a mission, a cause, a meaning for your life?
Are you respectful and honoring the Best in You?
The question has always been what are your true values and priorities in life.  
When these are unclear, undefined, or in conflict, there will always be interruptions, challenges or mistakes.
When they are clear, specific and in alignment, life will be fun, safe, easy and flowing.
When we live in integrity for our own Truth, we are empowered, courageous, content and fulfilled.

As a 2012 gift to yourself, consider defining and writing:
Your mission statement:
Your life purpose:
Your primary principles to live by:

These are the statements of mission, purpose and principle I have chosen to live since the 80’s.
My mission: I am the space of freedom and trust where Love is remembered and wholeness restored.
My life purpose: To inspire, encourage and facilitate all to actualize our potential (to live life with purpose.)
My primary principles (values) which I live:  Respect, open-mindedness, appreciation, joy, trust. honesty, freedom, inspiration
All of this inspires me and all I encounter, as I live with trust and freedom.

When I forget or forsake my true calling, I have forsaken myself.
When I let another idea lead me, I lose my way.
When I allow my life to be defined by circumstances or those around me, I am disempowered.
When I believe that past mistakes can hurt or separate me from my Truth, I am mistaken and lost.

Usually the real work is to forgive and choose immediately to get back on purpose.
Often we simply need to acknowledge what was in error and choose again for what is true for us.
Many times we simply get lazy and allow others to define us, which can be forgiven instantly.
When we wander away from our own mission, purpose and principles, we can correct our path easily.

How I live reveals my integrity and commitment.
How I give demonstrates the generosity I feel in giving all to all.
How I teach is shown by my mastery of the principles I hold dear.
How I love comes from the compassion and forgiveness I share for others and myself.

Perhaps at the close of this year, it is time to complete what was begun. 
Perhaps before beginning again, it is purposeful to re-evaluate  this last year’s fulfillment.
Perhaps with honorable closure to the past, we can renew our commitment to ourselves.
And there is no better time to dedicate ourselves to living our Truth than right Now.

I appreciate myself for revealing my path, my truth, my process and my practice.
I honor myself for forgiving what has been and enjoying what is now and giving the best I have.
Loving myself and all as One,
Betty Lue