Friday, September 23, 2011

Discovering You….the Real You!

Everything you think, say and do is teaching you about you.
Every word you speak is a message for yourself.
Every thought you think comes from your True Self or your learned Self.
Every action you take and choice you make is a gift (or curse) for you.

Yes, your life is an ever-changing backdrop or movie just for your viewing.
When we take responsibility for our life experience, we discover amazing wisdom and limitlessness.
When we blame, criticize or judge our life as it is, we learn dependence, fear and limitation.
When we claim and act on the freedom to learn, release and choose again we discover the joy of living.

You are here to uncover and discover your essential Self, your authentic Self, your Whole and Holy Self.
Sometimes I call this Spirit or Essence or the Real You with is unlimited, abundant and naturally free.
Our Essence is an ever flowing identification with All That Is, the creative Power of the Universe.
When we live and love and give from Essence, there is nothing to do, nothing to fear, nothing to protect.

The false self, the learned self, the Ego self, the constructed self is afraid, defensive, and judging.
This Ego or personality self experiences life as limiting, uncertain and restrictive.
Our Ego identifies with being “human”, and often emulates or dislikes parents (care-givers) for what was modeled and taught.
We seek someone to give us what we did not receive from our family of origin, and rarely look within.

Life as we perceive it is a reflection or a projection of our inner mind, thoughts, beliefs, memories, etc.
What we see is who we think we are, or fear we might be or try to become.
What we see is also within ourselves or we could not and would not see it.
How we respond to what we perceive is our healing and helpful or condemning and punitive choice.

When we learn to love all as they are, we are reminding ourselves to love ourselves unconditionally.
When we fear, blame and judge others, we are teaching ourselves to criticize and condemn ourselves.
When we forgive others mistakes and “sins”, we are forgiving ourselves and our errors.
When we divorce, abandon or withhold from others, we are denying and excluding parts of our behavior.

The personality or Ego (Edging God Out) seeks to “get” the Love it needs and wants.
The learned self tries to manage and control, manipulate and bargain, to “get” the life it thinks it wants.
When the learned self does not “get” what it wants, it usually blames, withholds, avoids the other.
When the Ego gets its needs met, it feels secure, valued, content and whole temporarily.

The problem is that every thing in the world is temporary, ephemeral and does not last.
We cannot count on the economy, the government, jobs or careers, physical health  or our homes to last.
We cannot count on people to always be there, or always to be willing and able to care for us.
Minds change, bodies change, finances change, people change and circumstances change.

Everyone is changing and evolving.  
Everything is flowing with expansion or contraction. 
Attitudes and emotions and energy changes direction and intention.
We can discover our own spiritual course and focus, and journey and destination.

When we forgive our own errors, we can love ourselves again. 
When we realize all we are learning, we see our life has purpose. 
When we recognize our ability to change by releasing the past and choosing our future, we trust ourselves.
When we forgive ourselves and others for everything, we understand there is only Love and Freedom.

Life is am amazing school, a learning laboratory in which we come to Know Our Essential Self and Be True to our Real Self.  When we discover our own Essence, we realize we are unlimited in Power and in Peace.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love,
Betty Lue

PS Forget about trying to effect change in others.  
Learning to wholly know, love, trust, respect and free yourself is a path that will benefit all others.

My Parents and My World Are Mistaken 
My parents are mistaken and I forgive them. 
My value is not based on money and worldly values. 
My value is not based on what I do or how much I do or how well I do. 
My value is not based on getting approval or money or commitment or status. 
My value is not based on being better than others or helping others. 
My value has nothing to do with worldly comparison or judgment. 
My value is inherent in my Being. 
I need not become something more or greater. 
I am simply here to BE All that I AM.
I need do nothing to be loved.
I am infinitely loveable and supportable. 
I love and support me. 
My world loves and supports me. 
I recognize and appreciate my inner riches and resources. 
I freely give of my Self in love and appreciation. 
My generosity blesses me and my life and everyone is richer, happier and more generous.
My parents were mistaken. 
I am willing to forgive myself for believing their mistaken beliefs about me. 
I am loveable and supportable. 
I deserve deep, loving, lasting relationships. 
I deserve to feel happy and healthy every day. 
I deserve to learn easily, express freely and give generously. 
I deserve to play as well as work, laugh as well as cry, and to love openly and honestly. 
I am willing to receive and accept all this and more. 
I deserve the best from now on. 
I love and support myself in being the best, having the best and giving the best. 
I support myself in seeing, forgiving and releasing what no longer is best for me.
I love, honor, trust and respect myself today and everyday.
I am here to learn. 
I am willing to learn. 
I recognize the learning. 
I accept the learning. 
I value the learning. 
I am a happy learner. 
I share what I learn. 
I am a teacher as I learn. 
I enjoy sharing my learning. 
I learn as I teach what I'm learning. 
As I value my learning, others value my learning and their own learning
It is all good!.
Betty Lue, 1978